sattelite fire problem

when i am shoting with the primary fire it shots with my sattelite to can you meaby fix it

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There is an option to turn it off in
Options > Gameplay
uncheck satellite auto-fire.


At this point it’s probably worthwhile to keep it off by default or maybe, idk, remove it, because redundancy.


I’m listing various complaints throughout, that show that satellite auto-fire isn’t particularly well liked by the community.

Make of it what you will. But I’m sure this warrants, at the very least, not making it automatically enabled.


auto-fire satellites = minus medal = minus extra points

  • Remove Satellite Auto fire
  • Keep it, but make auto fire not default
  • Keep it as it is

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Let’s see what the community thinks of this

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Why wasn’t it disabled by default in the first place? I get that it was enabled by default in the other games, but…
Also the tutorial/hint button should definitely point it out

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Is there other players who prefer satellite auto fire?
Then why it should be kept

@InterAction_studios: Have you seen this poll? It seems pretty conclusive.


The reason auto-fire is ON by default is that it’s the simplest control scheme, hence suitable for new players (and mobile, for other reasons). Also, up to this point, CIU did not have a satellite tutorial to explain the keys, so it was a choice between “why is my satellite not firing at all” and “why is my satellite firing together with the main weapon”. I chose the latter.

Anyway, changed in v.80 :medal_sports: Idea (:earth_americas: needs translation)


Does it not confer a tactical disadvantage on mobile players? I may not be familiar with your thought process behind the addition of them, but if I may hazard a guess it’s meant for saving the for situations where complementary fire is required. There needs to be a satellite fire button in mobile to fire at will, to somewhat even the playing field between mobile and PC.

For mobile, it’s likely more about having too many buttons on the screen than anything else


Indeed. In CIU there will most likely be an on-screen satellite fire button (which was not present in earlier games) to help with this, but which comes with a screen real-estate cost. However, I’m only talking about the auto-fire default here, for which I’m still leaning towards ON for mobile.

That’s a huge can of worms and I don’t think this can ever be fully solved. I’m considering having separate top-10s for desktop and mobile, but even that doesn’t help because (i) phones and tablets are still dissimilar and (ii) someone mentioned here that nowadays you can plug in a mouse/keyboard to a phone/tablet, messing up any balancing. No solution yet.

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Oh, by the way, what do you plan for emulators? Those programs that allow mobile games to be played on PC?

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That’s effectively the same case as plugging in a mouse/keyboard to a phone. I haven’t looked into it yet, but I fear these scenarios are completely undetectable by the app. As I said, huge can of worms.


If I’m understanding this correctly, the default for mobile will be “on” but the default for PC will be “off”? Because that’s absolutely the ideal setup.

This can be done in 2 ways

  • The actual fire button where you can fire it manually.
  • Toggle on/off where it can be switched any time, the main fire button also fire the satellite.

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