Bug with satelites

I have a bug with a satellite. My settings are set to (use satelite with right click) but when i have satellite in game, it shoots on left click anyway. I dont know why, does this happen to other people? Or just me?

You probably have auto-fire on. That’s why it fires on left-click too along with the main weapon.

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What do you mean auto fire? i have to click to shoot, anyways i dont get it. Can i turn auto fire off in some way?

Options - Gameplay - Satellite auto-fire, turn it off


Thanks, i figured it out and changed the settings. I didnt know that.


It’s on by default, especially it will always turn on after update! Ugh.


Yeah. Annoying. And it’s not like IA makes any changes to that in every update so I really don’t see the point why this resets every time.


As IA said, the game is in its development stage. Bugs may be present. This is either a bug or something to make IA’s life easier as they have said multiple times that they would change these things after the game releases.


It’s not a bug and I wonder how it is making development easier because as I said, IA doesn’t modify this option every time they make an update so there’s no way that having it not reset would break anything.


Since each version saves files in its own folder, this setting has to be upgraded, even if it’s identical to the previous version. Hence more work for me. Hence, no.


A compromise: The game will now upgrade your configuration settings (“Options” menu), but only from the immediately previous version, and only if the configuration data hasn’t changed between the two versions.

This should cover ~95% of the cases.


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