Early Access version 117.2

Technically, the animation timer is the same for everyone, so competitive-wise it’s not unfair.
(Though it may look more and more boring after many many many fights)

This is unnecessary and will make no effect even in space race. for the fact that all players will receive the same time interval resulting from henterprise retreat/explode. making it stop the timer will make all flights time recorded by players gets subtracted by the time taken for the henterprise to retreat/explode. Results will be the same.

so there is no unfairness here.

you could’ve just said

“everyone has to go through the same lengthy explosion anyway, so there’s no need for this”

it would be much easier on the eyes, and still have the same message you want to convey

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Well uh… Is that a long paraghraph though?

way wordier than it needs to be

Probably 2 and 4, as for Weapons Training. But Gifts will also be allowed.

It only came from the left in Space Invaders, so I want to keep it that way.

Intended. Collection ranges are enlarged to help the player.

Too much of a different mission mechanic, will cause cascading changes everywhere. No.

The host makes the rules. That’s why there is a “Kick” button.

Lukewarm reception, so no.

Intended. Also, you’re in 2002 mode, so anything goes.


You can’t have unnamed squadrons.

Bonuses are way too frequent to be made more flashy.

Will look into it.

It could.

No. Poll says no, too.

No, it’s a detail. Anyway, scopes are way too thin for most visual enhancements to have an obvious effect.

Fixed in v.118 :medal_sports: Bug

Correct. gmail.co is an invalid domain, but I see a lot of players using it (probably a misspelling of gmail.com?)

:warning: I’m not going to automatically correct these e-mails, so you should double-check that you haven’t made a mistake in yours.

No, it’s not. These are old results that were left over in the database. Fixed in v.118 :medal_sports: Bug

It says at the bottom of the screen.


People could just choose to stick with the most overpowered weapon though.
Might be better to just keep it as a single weapon only to really test the player’s prowess to deal with only what they’re given.

Besides, the minimum starting firepower increase should already be more than enough.

Can you check this new topic? Most people are neutral so It is maybe up to you to decide, I’ve closed both polls.

Check these posts too.

is not that a skill issue?

Sorry, I mean the weapon should be displayed/worked immediately after a wave or it should be worked/displayed at the same time with the wave’s name. It helps players be more proactive.

Added to v.118 :medal_sports: Idea


Oh iA, glad you’re here.
Oranuus is back as a user named “thepro”, but their post is deleted. Check chatting place

Yeah, can’t you IP ban them? Otherwise, they would keep making new accounts to bypass their permanent ban.

They’d still have to collect it. It might not even drop until later, or at all.

This is dangerous. As it stands, this challenge is just a harder Pot Luck (and you saw how many people complained that Pot Luck was hard to begin with). I think allowing gifts will introduce some leeway in how the mission is tackled.


I wonder why :innocent:

I’ve also increased the protection measures on the forum so that the first post by any new user always requires approval.


I will mention it again I think

this is not sideways change or even a change itself, It’s an effect added with the explosion, it’s not something to modify it.

Stupid question but I don’t get how that will prevent him from continously raiding the forum?

I indirectly (mentioned that in chatting place, and they noticed) taught them that they need VPN if they’re IP banned.

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Once again reminding you that VPN exists and in cases like this, when the guy is dedicated to entering, it just won’t help.


I’ve already said no.


I think that used to be the case, but it was changed at some point. I’m not going to change it back.