Rewards after reaching Tier 99


Let me get this straight, once you reach Tier 99, Its hard to get keys. Once you reach tier 99, you’ll wanna upgrade your fleet to get every single ship that exists since theres no more tiers to fight for, but its hard to get that much money since you’re not getting any tier rewards. So basically after scoring like a 100 million+, you’re getting like 1000 keys which is really annoying. Also you can’t keep grinding all day long with SSH on every single mission so you’ll get extra points and extra keys. It’d be much better if their was something like tier rewards after tier 99. You can add milestones like suppose if tier 99 is at 1 million points, even tho there won’t be any new tier after that, you’ll still be shown a milestone of reaching 1.8 million points and once you do reach 1.8 million points, you won’t go on a 100th tier but you’ll still get a reward of like maybe 700 keys or around that ( if you feel like 700 would be too much, you can keep the rewarded money same at each milestone ). Also do keep in mind that milestone based rewards keep players motivated to play more since those rewards give a boost to your in-game money while a totally hard grinding based system makes a lot of players to get frustrated and leave.


Now if you do think about it, there is one problem. Since a lot of players are far ahead of tier 99’s score, a question arises whether they’d be given the rewarded money of all the previous milestones they’ve reached or not cause if they are given that money, it’d be kinda jackpot and they’d be rich for the rest of their lives ( unless you set rewarded money really low ). I’m not really sure what to do about that since i’m not that good of a programmer or a game dev. Not sure but maybe other player on forums can find a solution for that?


never happen…CIU wants you to buy keys !!!


Do they even care about F2P players?

neither have been getting attention lmao

Its understandable since iA really needs money. But still, forcing you to take money out of your wallet isn’t the right way. Free players will never pay while the premium players will always pay

Currently, I’d say this is not the case. The content gated behind CHL isn’t sufficiently different enough to justify buying it. As for the gameplay, I wouldn’t say it forces you to pay anything. Currently that’s just a misconception, though it might change in the future. I’ve already covered why the CHL is a waste of money currently, and I think we agree that purchaseable keys don’t do anything much. Though as for this topic on hand: just remove the tier cap and have rewards come normally like they did before tier 99.

Let me make it clear: while CIU is indeed designed to be a P2W game to an extent, it’s hardly that in its current state

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It’s not P2W at all in the form of forcing you to spend real money, but it is a bit P2W in in-game money, you may need to spend a lot of keys to get a good place in competitive missions. Casual players should choose a suitable skill for them that they can complete with as few items as possible for higher key profit in normal missions.


Pretty much suggested

Also, wouldn’t really call this game P2W as keys are practically abundant in which all you have to do is grind.

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So do you guys like my idea of adding milestone based key rewards after T99?

just remove the tier cap it accomplishes basically the same thing, and better


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