Retro missions: Professional loop

Professional is a loop that comes after Advanced loop in retro missions
For example
(retro invaders wave) will be with harder invaders
(Invaders fly-by wave) Will be 5 rows of invaders triangle
(Invaders crossing wave) 4 rows of invaders appear in the same time and sped up
(Retro high way) 6 rows of invaders appearing (or either harder invaders if it wouldn’t
be fair?)
Also another suggestion, can you make the beginner loop of invaders crossing appear from either right or left instead of making them always appear from the left (Not making them appear right and left in the same time like other loops.)

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Expert and Master loop when


How about ultimate loop


Retro missions are hard enough in higher difficulties and adding professional loop makes it so harder.

Earlier I suggested something about retro missions, but when new waves got added for retro missions only:

Loops’ difficulties should be based on difficulties of daily missions. (e.g. 0%-35% for beginner loops)
Because flying retro missions are too boring. Always 4 waves and they loop again and again, until the boss wave. Droid foods is now more interesting and not so boring as CI4, so why not making secret content of the game more interesting for people? :wink:

EDIT: Maybe 0%-50% for beginner loop, because some players use higher skills.


already beat you to it


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