Request New Idea: In-game Chat

I Have an idea. It’s an In-game chat. Which it will be 4 types that:

  1. Server Chat.
  2. Private Chat.
  3. Group Chat.
  4. Squadron Chat.

I will explain that for you:

  1. Server Chat: That all players in the server can chat with each other at the same time.

  2. Private Chat: That two players can chat together. Only they see their messages, so It’s private.

  3. Group Chat: That the player can invite his contacts ( Friends ) to his group ( That he can create it and rename it and also edit it ). He can invite up to 25 players.

  4. Squadron Chat: Only the members of the squadron can chat in that type.

The Features that will be added:

  1. If the player is in the lobby or we can say that not in a mission, he can find the chat button has the chatting sharp ( :speech_balloon: ) or he can press “C” in the keyboard as a shortcut ( He can change the button in the Keyboard Control Options ). He can find the button on the right of the screen. If he is in a mission, He can find the button at the menu ( Sorry. I don’t know its name exactly, but it when you press the “ESC” Button ). It will be at the bottom of the left of the screen or you can also Press “C” Button in the keyboard.

  2. If you press the Chat Button one time, It will show a bar that shows the messages in Squadron, Group, and Server chats. You can Expand or Collapse the bar as you want. If you Double Pressed the Chat Button, it will open a page that shows all chat types on the left and you can select the type that you want to go to it. Pressing “C” Button on the keyboard will it will only open the page that shows all chat types.

  3. If you pressed “C” Button on the keyboard during a mission, It will Open the Chat page, but it will pause the mission Until you finish chatting.

  4. There will be Emojis button that has many social emojis, but it will be in a Space pilot Costume or a chicken costume ( For Example: If we selected the crying emoji ( :sob: ), it should show it as a crying space pilot or a crying chicken ), But you can select between that costumes.

  5. The Blocking the player and muting the player will be added:

5.1. Blocking the player: In that Feature, the blocked players can’t send messages to the players who blocked those players, also the blocked ones can’t send a contact request to them. If you blocked a player that he is your contact, He will be removed from your contacts list.

5.2. Muting the player: In that Feature, The player won’t receive the messages that were sent by the player that he muted, But the muted player can send a contact request to that player. If you Muted a player that he is your contact, He won’t be removed from your contacts list.

  1. If a player made with a player a private chat and no one of them is the contact of the other, The player (1) who received the first message will be asked if the player (2) can chat with him. If the player (1) Accept that, The player (2) will have access to chat with him. If the player (1) Refused that, The Player (2) will be muted. At that time, the player (1) can block the player (2) or he can mark the player (2) as spam.

X-Space Raven-X.

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Already Suggested.
Also that’s why chat programs exist, why would we add chat to game?
It’s not important really.

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I bet it would be fun and clear of any offensive words

Especially the galaxy chat when there are dozens of players online


Why everytime i get an idea I find it Already Suggested?

It is really already suggested. normal, i think of an idea and it is already suggested sometimes, not always.

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The Players who uses that words will be banned from chatting for a one hour

I forgot to write that and I took 3 hours to write the topic.

If they got banned again, they will be banned for whole day.

If it is, That means I have to stop making Topics and watching the others Topics.

Yes stop please and watch the other topics.

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You made me much more comfortable after saying this, I have to open the site when the new update comes as I used to do before.

Sure, just don’t forget, please.

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@X-Space_Raven-X I changed my mind, this idea sounds cool, additional small improvement: show who’s typing with 3 dots.


This - people underestimate how hard it is to build a decent chat system, especially with a censor. In fact, I’d argue I’ve never seen a game that handles the issue of censoring well.

Personally, I’d only be for a chat feature if it involved the little speech bubbles from the previous games, and even then I am extremely dubious. But I don’t want a little chat box in the corner of my screen - yuck.


It has been suggested… a lot actually. But we already have the forum and discord, why do we need this?

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Plus when it comes to Steam you’ll get it with Steam anyway.

And even aside from that, we could still have the issue of people just spamming the hell out of the chat.


This is how the lobby chat in ShellShock Live looks like. Every. Single. Day.

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You changed your mind coz you read full topic

Seperate chat channels
Universal, Local Star System, Squadron, Party and DM.
Party for when the game releases with Co-op mode.
That’s the way it should be.

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Well, good idea.