Request New Idea: In-game Chat

We already have this forum and Discord, why do we need this?

I want just improve the game in Social aspect

anyway, I will go to play the game. I hope Canterlot didn’t give us new missions, Because I want to Finish missions in my Solar System

I think a lot of players really want this, but iA has decided that this is not such an important feature in the game, especially during Early Access. Unlike other online games and previous games in the series, it’s unlikely that online multiplayer will be easily implemented (the only interaction between players in the game so far is the Challenge leaderboard and the Squadrons), and it is decided that any chat or communication feature is not necessary, at least yet, while you have a lot of ways to communicate outside of the game.

I know. Let IA added that feature even after the Early Access

I gave a request.

Ahem, off-topic

That’s not a bad thing - it means other people have agreed with you in the past. It actually increases the likelihood that it will be implemented. :wink:

I will say that even though I disagreed with the specific idea, I am totally in support of this same general goal and we just need to figure out how best to do it.


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