Regarding Laser Cannon Length (Feedback #2)

The firing range of the Laser Cannon is only based on the vertical size of the screen, even if the orientation of the wave is horizontal. In this wave, it only covers 2/3 of the screen, which is a problem on more difficult waves/bosses.

Making it longer (same as the diagonal length of the screen) would be better.

What do you think?


Don’t you hate it when you have to go to the middle of your screen in the Egg Cannon boss battle when you have a Laser Cannon?


It’s too risky given its high overheat rate.

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it’s funny, I’ve been playing long enough and encountered this problem often but didn’t even think that the laser length is based on screen height

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Well it’s not a bug, so I don’t think this will be changed.

@InterAction_studios What if you were given the option to increase its range at the expense of generating more heat with each shot? So even the most powerful heat sink would overheat faster than normal.

Considering how quickly the Laser Cannon overheats already, this probably isn’t the best idea.


Not worth it. At all. As it is now,it overheats so quickly,already. And if they increase the overheat rate…the weapon might become completely unusable,to the point where that range won’t be worth it,at all.


@InterAction_studios please consider increasing the range and damage for laser cannon a little bit because it overheats too fast, or decrease heat level.

Not if you have a good heat sink. They don’t work yet, but when they do, maybe it won’t be as big a problem.

Do you honestly think all new players will immediately buy some random heat sink?

I think they can tell which is the best one from the key prices.

This is not about the price, this is about balancing a weapon, not possible upgrades.
New players won’t suddenly start thinking “Oh, I should definitely buy some random heat sink that I don’t even know about in order make the Lasor Cannon overheat slower”.

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Yeah,well you see,the problem is that it already overheats so quickly,I think that overheat is an even bigger problem than its limited range. Making it overheat even faster…oh god…just…no. We are trying to buff the weapon,and what you just suggested won’t buff it. You’re changing its behavior,but you’re not buffing it even the slightest bit. Its limited range isn’t even always the problem. It is only a problem in waves where your ship faces right or left,and there aren’t that many. Meanwhile,overheat? That applies to all waves. I’d say that what you mentioned in fact nerfs it. Limited range makes it kinda unique compared to other weapons. Overheat is in fact what needs to be buffed here. Each shot should be changed to only fill up 50% of what it currently does to the overheat bar.


A while ago I was thinking about bringing its manual fire rate up to 8/s (what it was in CI2) and then improving its overheat as needed. But idk if that’s a good idea.

You ſure about that? They’ll look for things that look uſeful, and heat ſinks are one of them. Beſides, if you make the Laſer cannon a ſtrong weapon without heat ſinks, it’ll be overpowered with.