Poultry/Armor-Piercer Superweapon

This one’s inspired from this article, which is quite common on some video games.


  • Superweapon that lets bullets pierce enemies (chickens, ships, etc.) for faster wave clear.
  • Useful on clustered waves like Chicken Fractals but useless on single-enemy bosses.
  • Enemies on the back side will receive less damage than in the front, which could be calculated by a multiplier, down to the minimum damage. Ex.: 100%, 60%, 36%, 21.6, etc.
  • Above multiplier could vary by weapon, depending on how powerful they are.

This could adress my previous feedback for buffing some weapons.

What do you think?


That actually sounds pretty nice, but what about the fire rate?

Fire rate would stay the same, only the piercing function would be added.

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Bumping this thread for a moment.

Continuing the discussion from Early Access version 06:

Such behaviour is already planned for at least one new weapon (and probably more in the future), so it’s unlikely to appear as a universal modifier for all weapons.

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