Refund Hunter License

I would like to forward this situation to the devs.

I was happy to hear a new version of this game is releasing, I immediately got on to try it and found that its free.

later I find the Chicken Hunter License that unlocks the “Double Team” mission. at the time I though “Oh, so I can invite my friends over for missions” “this is cool its MMO” “this version is perfect”.

I was too fast in making my decision and after looking it up, this game does not have a multiplayer feature built with it.

You release 4 Chicken Invader games with local and online multiplayer modes but decided not to add it on this one…

I am completely disappointed and would really appreciate the refund. This is not the version of the game I want to support.

I do not mind if my account would be wiped if the case is “There is no code in the game to remove it.”

I would rather have your genuine understanding as I do not care about my progress in an early access game. I just need a refund as this isn’t the product I expected it to be.

Here’s what steam says when I tried to refund it

Jul 19 - Chicken Invaders Universe in-game items - RM20.05
Refunds are not currently supported for in-game purchases in Chicken Invaders Universe. Check with the game publisher directly to see if they can provide you with a refund.

I hope you are able to process this further, do contact me through my email (vEonztwo@gmail[dot]com).

I wish you the best developing this game.

Your website doesn’t have a support section where your customers submit help/refund tickets and I think you might need one.


They’re 5.

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just because there’s no multiplayer It doesn’t mean that this game is worthless :zipper_mouth_face:
there’s 5 year’s of development! an the result :diffrent type of missine daily weekly chalenge,space race iron man 120 annyversary new ships also customizable . squadrons new weapon’s …and the list can go on an on an on!!!
and I belive that the license is like IA said lifetime…

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In these many years of development we are still lacking balanced core mechanics, multiplayer, a necessary amount of new content compared to other F2Ps, a streamlined shop system, more uniqueness in spaceships, etc. Challenges are just filler content, and even then it’s a grindfest since it’s just high tier enemy spam. High difficulty levels are ridiculously unbalanced and has the Mount Everest of difficulty spikes, customization options are still really limited, there’s options for each part but they’re very few and the CHL restricts it even further. The stuff we have currently is either filler, mechanics that are necessary to be in an MMORPG, the closest thing to the MMO portion is the League and even then it’s a mess, ships travelling in the galaxy just seem to teleport to their location, and this could also go on and on and on. The game is being ported to Steam in a condition like this, and Steam has really large competition in F2P titles and CIU in its current state lacks player retention for new players. Sure, the charm of the game is its main perk but the rest of the game is an incomplete, unbalanced mess.

Also, this. Boi.


Not sure how this is going to turn out thanks to google play issue, though.

3. CI1 and CI2 didn’t have online multiplayer, and local multiplayer on one machine is a completely different story.

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The game isn’t worthless at all. its free and in early access.
I respect the devs efforts making it. I was 10 years old when I discovered CI2, I’ve been following since then. I’m 21 now and for god sake why would you suggest this game is even worthless, that’s not what I’m here for.

I just want my refund, and an account reset that’s all. I hope support team sees this.