Reforming League (By VN™|C0mplex and windinecraft)

As you can see, League at this moment contains many problems, which allow crazy-seeking-dare-points-players namely JR80 wreak havoc everywhere. Or in another word, 100 players can attack on only one victim without any limitation. Moreover, League doesn’t have any reward right now, that’s the reason why this mode is leak of motivation to players.

Before, @ScarletCuboids have already made an idea about how to change this mode, but iA ignore. So i think this is my turn.

I. Ranking

Based on dare points players have, they can be ranked.

Rank-up: When you have more than enough points to get in the next rank, you will have Rank-up Dare. This kind of dare doesn’t affect the dare points you have. After each 5 matchs, based on the result, you will be ranked up or be force to play another 5 matchs again.

  • Silver: Win 1/5 match.

  • Gold: Win 2/5 matchs.

  • Diamond: Win 3/5 matchs.

  • Master: Win 4/5 matchs.

  • Grandmaster: Win 5/5 matchs.

Ranking up from Grandmaster to One Of A Kind: Because of the special criteria of One Of A Kind, so no Rank-up Dare is applied.

Rank-down: If you have less points than the limit of the rank you are in (For example, rank Gold but have 539 points, in the next match, you must take enough points to return to the limit. If not, you will be ranked down.

1. Bronze

This is where everyone start. Once we were all newbie, so at least, this rank should be respected as well. Let’s begin our journey to the top.

Condition: Below than 520 dare points.


  • First reach this rank: Nothing (What did you expect, everyone start at this rank)

  • End at here when the season end: 500 keys

2. Silver

After some easy fights, you reach here. Can’t say that you are either good or bad. Don’t be satisfied with this achievement, do you ?

Condition: 520-540 dare points.


  • First reach this rank: 100 keys

  • End at here when the season end: 1000 keys

3. Gold

In the perspective of UHF, this rank is the borderline of casual and good players. Continue the journey or not is up to you. Good luck.

Condition: 540-560 dare points.


  • First reach this rank: 200 keys

  • End at here when the season end: 2000 keys

4. Diamond

Welcome you to the land of experts. You can consider this rank as a pedal when you want to climb another steps to higher ranks.

Condition: 560-580 dare points.


  • First reach this rank: 500 keys

  • End at here when the season end: 3000 keys

Limitation: (It’s worth it because this rank is for good players)

  • Honor penalty is applied when Honor points drop down to 20.

  • Hornor penalty expire after 5 days instead of 3 days.

5. Master

Anyone at this rank is the elite of the UHF. Somehow, you are a goal for nearly everyone to achieve. Congratulation.

Condition: Over 580 dare points.


  • First reach this rank: 800 keys

  • End at here when the season end: 4000 keys

Limitation: Same as Diamond

6. Grandmaster

Welcome you to the top of the UHF! This rank is the highest we can take, isn’t it ?


  • Over 620 dare points

  • Top 100 of the server. For example, 100th have 627 points, so in order to enter Grandmaster, 101st must have more than that. If not, 101st will be ranked Master instead.


  • First reach this rank: 1000 keys

  • End at here when the season end: 5000 keys


  • Honor penalty is applied when Honor points drop down to 30.

  • Hornor penalty expire after 7 days instead of 3 or 5 days.

  • No decline dare. If any dare send to the player expire without respond, not only dare points is lost, but also 5 Honor points lost.

7. One Of A Kind

Truthfully, this is not only a rank, but also an appreciation from UHF to the top of the top. Welcome to the true highest rank.


  • Being a Grandmaster.

  • Top 10 of Grandmaster. For example, if 10th have 634 points, you must have more than that to enter One Of A Kind. Of course if you do that, 10th player will dropped to 11th, and rank down to Grandmaster.


  • First reach this rank: 1500 keys

  • Daily reward at this rank: 100 keys.

  • End at here when the season end:

    • 5000 keys

    • Cubic Boron Arsenide Heat Sink (Legendary) x1

    • Proton-Proton Chain Reactor (Legendary) x1

    • Hall-Effect Thruster (Legendary) x1


  • Honor penalty is applied when Honor points drop down to 40.

  • Honor penalty expire after 7 days. As what make this rank special, 2 dare points is also lost as an additional penalty at this rank.

  • No decline dare. If any dare send to the player expire without respond, not only dare points is lost, but also 10 Honor points lost.


II. Dare rules

The same points-calculation system is still applied.

However, there are some minor limitation to every players to avoid bad behaviors:

  • Can only dare 3 times in a day (Expect Rank-Up Dare, this kind of dare have no limitation). This is applied to make this mode become less chaotic. Imagine what can happen if a player can spend a whole day to just dare and dare.

  • Can receive only 3 dares in a day (Expect Rank-Up Dare, this kind of dare have no limitation). This is applied to make players less likely to be overload of pressure, specially higher ranks. No one want to be the target of the whole game, right ?

  • The cooldown time between 2 dare in a player is extended to 3 days. I’m sure that no one want a player dare them continuously and rampage them.

Honor penalty:

  • At the start of the season. Every players have 100 Honor points, and that is the maximum points a player can have.
  • Each day, gain 10 Honor points.

  • Surrender in a dare will decrease 25 Honor points.

  • Decline a dare will decrease 10 Honor points.

  • In a dare, if the winner have more than 300% points of the loser, 30 Honor points is lost (Deliberately lost suspection). For example, if the loser have 3,000,000 points in a dare, and the winner have more than 9,000,000 points, then the loser will lose 30 Honor points.

  • If Honor points drop down to 0, the player will have to suffer the penalty. However, Diamond’s and Master’s limit is 20, Grandmaster’s limit is 30, and One Of A Kind’s limit is 40.
  • Cannot dare when the penalty is applied. Also, no player can dare them too. When the penalty is expired, the player will instantly have 50 Honor points.

  • If a player have Honor penalty the 3rd time, that player will be disqualified from the current season. No reward is given for them in the end of the current season. In the next season, that player must start all over again in the Bronze rank, at 510 points. Finally, that player will be erased from the current leaderboard.


III. League’s Qualification Match

  • 7 days before a season, League mode will announce an qualification match, the information will be inside the Event’s inbox.
  • Based on the result, the world record player will start in the season at Silver 530 dare points, the lowest will start at Bronze 510 dare points. Anyone join in League without playing qualification match will start at the basic Bronze 500 dare points.
  • League’s Qualification Match:
    • Mission type: Hybrid
    • Length: 6x6
    • Environment: Based on the special environments of the curent season.


IV. Season

In March, June, September and December, 4 seasons will be held.

  • Each season is unique, its missions have specific condition based on what real life weather is it. For example, a season in spring will have no bad environment in most of its missions, when a season in winter will have cold environment in most of its missions.

  • Moreover, some season will be unique because of its name.

Now, season have some specific rules:

  • A season will be last for a month, from the 1st of that month.

  • In the next season, every players will start from where they end at the last season, with no lost of dare points. For example, if you have 606,4 dare points after a season, then in the next season, you will still have 606,4 dare points and the same rank.

  • You are not able to dare outside of the seasons. This means that League are only active on 4 months.

Now, we should go to the seasons. If iA accept this idea, he will think about initial seasons, but you know what ? I will do that at 6 first seasons.

1. Season 1: Legend

  • Time: 1st March → 31st March (2022)

  • Special condition:

  • From the name: Most of missions will be harder than 60%-60%.

  • From the weather: Nothing

2. Season 2: Descendant

  • Time: 1st June → 30th June (2022)

  • Special condition:

  • From the name: Nothing

  • From the weather: Hot environment

3. Season 3: Continuum

  • Time: 1st September → 30th September (2022)

  • Special condition:

  • From the name: Nothing

  • From the weather: Electric environment

4. Season 4: Chaos

  • Time: 1st December → 31st December (2022)

  • Special condition:

  • From the name: Electric, Massive environment

  • From the weather: Cold environment

5. Season 5: Dark Era

  • Time: 1st March → 31st March (2023)

  • Special condition:

  • From the name: Darkness missions

  • From the weather: Nothing

6. Season 6: Riot

  • Time: 1st June → 30th June (2023)

  • Special condition:

  • From the name: Boss Rush in most of missions

  • From the weather: Hot envirionment

V. Menu

Clicking “Ranking”

Clicking “Instruction”

Clicking “Seasons”

Clicking a finished season

Clicking the presenting season

  • Clicking Dare button: (Notify that difficulty will be hidden)

Prepare before flying dare

Automatic wait screen (5 seconds) before flying the dare (Reveal the difficulty)


  • Base idea: VN™|C0mplex
  • Art: @windinecraft (His callsign is Windy)

We hope to hear your comments. No idea is perfect, even if i spent a whole month on this idea. Truthfully, i have never spent so much efforts for an idea like this.
@InterAction_studios You know that everyone want a change in League. Many efforts have been wasted, so at least, can you take a look on this ?
Sincerely releasing this idea. Thank you !


yep, :smiley:

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This idea start from November 15, 2021 to December 30, 2021


Before complaining, keep in mind that this is reform, so should you forget everything about the current League we suffer. Once more, i hope you guys enjoy.

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i think it should be like a shield icon

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and attack use sword icon ?

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And we’re not gonna discuss how rigged the Decline is?


Well, if you ABUSE the decline button, your Honor points will be messed up enough to catch you a penalty, which is both annoying and scary.
“Decline a dare will decrease 10 Honor points”
Also, specific ranks can’t decline dare, namely Grandmaster and One Of A Kind.
I know what you mean @Liz_VN, and that GOSH, DARN, Decline button hasn’t made a way to escape us. That button is much less rigged in my idea.


Personally, all I’m interested in as far as league is concerned is an option to either opt out of it or stop receiving messages about dares.


I know that you are hopeless on League :frowning:
But well, what do you think about this idea @GgWw1175

I agree

I’m sorry but this statement displays a fundamental misunderstanding of how league works and in what way it is flawed. A player wishing to take part in League has no option other than to “spam” people- this is how you’re supposed to play- there really is no other way. If you want to “stop” these “greedy” players then you have to change how matches work in the first place. Right now the darer has far too much control over what kind of/level of difficulty the mission is going to be. This is a problem for two reasons: All players are on the same league regardless of tier, thus there’s no guarantee the person dared is of the skill level to fly it. This can also discourage new players who might not be too thrilled to be introduced to League, fly a mission out of their League (heh) and immediately get put in the “disqualified” tier for not playing “seriously enough” in your words. Second; some players simply do not want to engage with League. As long as you log in there’s no way for you to stop dares coming your way. League shouldn’t be non-stop, you should be able to control when you want to engage with it and when you don’t. I don’t see any of these problems being dealt with by your ranking system. One suggestion I have is setting a minimum and maximum dare difficulty for each rank, starting with 0-20% for the first rank and 90-110% for the final rank maybe. I feel like the Honor system proposed will make it so that you can only maintain your position in League by playing far too much It’s exactly the kind of thing people complain about: it requires you to spend too much of your time on league. As for seasons, meh, I guess they could be interesting. The rewards are ok too I guess. Overall, I’d say this idea misses the point on a lot of things, but it wouldn’t hurt to have these additions (with the exception of the honor system because good grief that would be terrible).


I have ways to control that.

  • Players can still choose one of three missions to dare the opponent, but the difficulty will be hidden until the match starts.
  • Random matchmaking is applied. You can choose the opponent from random 10 players which is chosen by the system.

495 dare points, in my opinion, is unlikely to happen without a purpose. If you want, i may change that to lower, 490 or 480 points may be enough.

There’s still no assurance that the mission you’ll get will be in your skill level, you could be a player who just started and can only do missions in the range of, say, 60-70%. Hiding the difficulty means practically nothing other than the fact that even the darer doesn’t know what difficulty is. There still remains the advantage of knowing what waves will come.

The matches are based on score. It’s very much possible for you to lose more than two matches in a row. The fact that you’re playing these matches in the first place proves that you’re “committed” enough- again, expecting players to be “serious” about a video game is incredibly stupid in my opinion as it then narrows the audience down to people who have far too much free time on their hands. It would be simply irritating for more casual players. I simply don’t see the benefits to having a “disqualified” tier.


So, you mean that there should not be “Disqualified” rank, right ? Well, it’s reasonable, and of course, as i mentioned before, no idea is perfect.
So ok then, remove Disqualified rank.

What about a league qualification, that way you can decide whether you want to compete in the league

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It would be kinda simillar to Galactic Cup Qualification Match, right ?

yeah, you should have enough skill to be in the league

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Ah yeah, seasons, just like other famous games.
Like clash royale, angry birds2, hill climb racking2, etc.
You must wait then
Let us make it nicer than this first, then we will help IA to add the best things for the future of the game.
I love your idea.
If IA wants to make the game best as I suggested up there, he has to add this eventually.


I’m glad that you like it.
However, if you find something isn’t right about my idea, feel free to point out.

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