Post your spacecraft!


CI6 Mine


My spacecraft.


Is it the first one? Flame seems to be different.


No, It is second.


It has two engines, just like the M408.


But it looks like they are wider than M408


Snimak%20ekrana%20(21) cheap ci1 spaceship remake which is totally legit


Actually… @InterAction_studios
Any chance for a CI1-styled rocket engine-ish exhaust?


Sure :slight_smile:


guess my spaceship made changes


@InterAction_studios by the way when the CI1 exhaust gets added, is there also the chance to do the same sound and thing when it travels? aka this Snimak%20ekrana%20(53)


Sounds are currently not customizable per-engine, so no :frowning:

As for the warp effect, hmm… we’ll think of something similar (but not exactly the same).


All I can think of is certain details on vehicle parts being removed or altered.
The shape of weapon pod ridges, or none at all.
The tail wing tip shapes.
The sharpness of the M-404 PI’s nose.
List goes on.


But then there would be no point of adding new spaceships if could just demolish your spaceship…


I see that you are not posting much in the bugs and new features topic, you must be working on something big… :wink:


… or not working on anything at all :wink:


It’s fine, everyone needs to rest :smile:


And even if this isn’t deemed to be worth the effort, I think each ship in a family should have some subtle details that help differentiate it from the rest.
The M408 is a good example:
It retains the central exhaust despite not actually having a central engine, which doesn’t really make much sense.


@GgWw1175 we did it, we got the CI1 exhaust added in ciu


Sadly the sounds cannot be different for each exhaust type.