Post your spacecraft!


Not currently. But everything’s subject to change.


my spaceship


Your spacecraft looks like an Xmas Edition :))))


My ship design now. Same colour scheme, but now with some extra blue on the weapon pods and wing.




how can I get that model?


Heroware sells it for cheaper.


There has been an updated version of this, making the main colors and cockpit color brighter and a different exhaust.TB


buy it with over 3k keys


Screenshot_23 here is my new spacecraft


I have finally gathered enough keys to purchase the M408 Cuisiner, here is my new spacecraft, the M408 Cuisiner “Henterprise”



More details pls? I want to know more


Dung vay :)))


My new spacecraft


update on my spacecraft Screenshot_2


Basically the dull coloured version of the shiny one


Ok. So a couple of days ago I bought M-408 Cuisinier and decided to make it look like a spaceship from Chicken Invaders 2. I tried to make it look as simillar as possible. Here’s a refreshed version of CI2 spaceship:


It may dosen’t look the same… but hey! I tried my best!
I hope you like my new spaceship!


How can I have double exhaust? Just a question.


H&C 301 Cockerel and M408 Cuisinier have double engines mounted on the rear weapon pods.


Is your ship farting pollution?