Post your Spacecraft - Continued!





Here’s my M408 (CI2 Recreation) spaceship:


I tried to make it as similar as possible.

Here’s the original CI2 spaceship for comparison:


The fuselage and engine is a little bit different, because
That fuselage was really identical to the one in ci2. The engine though… well, when hero warps to another planet in ci2 usually it leaves a white exhaust fumes behind. So that’s why the engine is kinda different.

(yeah i know i reposted my spaceship from previous topic because why not)


I’ve never actually played the Doom series in general and with my parents never can, but I’ve made a ship that certainly takes some inspiration from doom.
Yes! Its the Praetor M666! A ship modeled to look like the Praetor armor from Doom 2016.
When I first got the M-408 I thought hard in order to figure out how I modify my ship and then it hit me! I saw the E3 trailer for doom eternal and soon I decided to make a ship that looks like the doomslayer.

The base paint was easy enough to figure out. Then I put black and maroon accents on the ship to better resemble the praetor armor. I did experiment with the accents but in the end it came out like the picture above. It was harder for me to figure out the shade of yellow for the cockpit but eventually I found it and I’m still amazingly satisfied with how good it looks. For the engines, I chose red because the doomslayer is best described as a demon slaying terminator who just keeps on turning live demons into nothing more than fleshy gibs, blood and health pickups when glory killing (as of Doom 2016). I obviously can’t emulate the rest so I made the exhaust red as a reminder of the doomslayer’s gory ways. As for the name, its simple, I used Praetor because it is based out of the praetor armor and 666 because Hell.

I even went as far as to call myself ‘ChickenSlayer’. Anyone else from Doom?




Guess I haven’t posted mine even on the old thread. Not much though.


He’s just typing the way he likes to, there’s nothing too wrong with that

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No offensive. Just I am seeing someone does that for first time…

So I was looking through some things, and I realized I had ANOTHER spaceship paintjob! Sadly, I didn’t take a clear picture of it, but it was mostly inspired by the first Chicken Invaders game.

Might be using a similar design for a future spacecraft, and when that day comes, bet that I’ll be posting it here!

(this is how the original design looked like)


EDIT: Turns out I had a picture, but it was blurry and I was unable to share it, so have this recreation instead:


Also, I recently got a new spaceship, but I didn’t really feel like posting it right now, maybe some other day. Bursting your bubble, it’s the default H&C paintjob on a 201 Pullet, with the engine minorly changed. That’s it, I’m being serious.


I call it the “Water Shooter”


here are all my spacecrafts


I realized that I have never shared my spacecrafts…
let’s remedy!

The first one is my flagship:(still needs to be named yet)
I really like its appareance, especially the crockpit

The second one Is called “Faraona” (That is the italian word to say both a Pharaon’s wife and a variety of chicken… Why I don’t know) Is based on an egiptian juwel and I am planning to repaint it making more similar to the original

The last one is “Singularity” and is a ripoff of @kokokokos blackhole ship

After “Faraona” restyle I will buy another Cusiner that will become my “Competitive” one


Remember when I posted this?

Well, it’s time. Now it’s time I show you all my two newest spaceships!


  1. Recruit #22: Nothing special, really. This is a rare 201 Pullet, and the only thing I really changed is the engine color, wingstreak, and shield. That’s it, but this spacecraft was mostly based off of a character I included in several of my artwork pieces (that character pilots the same spacecraft and is named Recruit #22).
  2. True World Savior: NOW we’re talking! Just like the World Savior before this spacecraft was inspired by a previous Chicken Invaders game, in this case, the first one! This is an uncommon M408 Cuisinier, and out of all my spacecrafts, this was pretty difficult to create. I had to look up footage of CI1 and copy the color scheme and design from there. Also can’t decide whether to use blue or red for the exhaust. This one has since become my main spaceship.



There is a little difference between M400 and M404, so, I’ll buy M404.

What the difference?

The M404 comes with more bragging rights.
And the M400 requires you to buy a few more extra ſlots and has a smaller hitbox.

I still don’t get it about the difference of every spaceship and how much heat sink works

Heat sinks slow down the overheat rate, thus allowing you to fire your weapons faster.

On the side of spaceships, the only differences are in the amount of available mission slots, hardpoints and satellites, and of course, their weight (which is affected by rarity). But other than that, the differences are purely cosmetic.