Post your Chicken Invaders artwork!

Chicken Invaders 7 - Final part of game in the series (fake)


the minecraft version? 1.12.2 with optifine and helpful mods

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For me it does. BTW, looks good!

I have made an InterAction Studios world in Minecraft Pocket Edition, but I’m still working on it, I can post some early screenshots here.

That CI2 ship was very good.



Please, hide photos into the spoiler.

What do you mean, do not put the photos or blurring them? If the answer is the second, how can I blur text? I see that a lot of people do that but I don’t know how!

I mean this thing

To hide pictures

Oh, I was asking if I had to do that when you replied.

And how can I do it?

“Hide details” button in :gear:

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What does that mean?

Thenos (Chicken Thanos)

Infinity wing.

This is a spoiler for a future post, but this images deserve to be posted:

I used this image for the galaxies

And I used this for making that

And for that I used this

That’s all.

Edit: Why transparent parts of the images are white? This problem is similar to @Electronic_Arts’s one in Post Invader here!.


I think this works only for PC. Idk why. Check “.png” at the end when loading a file, like:



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It doesn’t work.