Post your Chicken Invaders artwork!

Wtf is that thing?



Is just… just… just a nightmare for all the people like me that at 00:06 before going to sleep checks the forum

(@stentor Tomorrow I will show you the REAL nightmare… get ready)


it looks like omega flowey

Some telling-da-future chicken or something?

No it doesnt.

Can people please stop doing this? They expose everything i say in other topic!

I will stop.
(But you have still to admit that that quote is a good meme)

It should stay here and not around the world but it’s still good.

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That is pure monstrosity. :wink:


Something wrong with left one’s lasers.

The lasers of each one, not only the left, but the right too! That is the purest monstrosity you’ve ever seen in your entire life (they don’t bother me however)!

I think that he was actually talking about how the left one’s lasers look a bit…misplaced.

Oh, sorry about that. :sweat_smile:

I mean lasers should be behind the egg. Right one has some problems too.

Oh,that’s true,they aren’t correctly placed. My bad,then

Does this count?

I used to play Minecraft, I just felt like i had to built these somewhere


In Minecraft. I like it!

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But, which version is it?

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