🚀 Poll: Limited vs unlimited fighter speed

As part of the spacecraft changes made here About the current state of spacecraft in the game , each individual spacecraft now has an “advertised” speed limit. Each family starts with a base speed, which can be improved by spacecraft model, rarity, and engine. For reference, these speeds range from 2200 pixels per second (@1920x1080) for the fastest fighter to 900 px/s for the slowest bomber.

Currently, fighters ignore their advertised limits in regular environments (so their speed is unlimited) and are only limited in massive environments.

Fighter speed Bomber speed
regular environment UNLIMITED advertised
massive environment advertised -15% advertised -15%

The question is: should fighters be speed-limited also in regular environments?

The benefit of making this change is that speed would now become a distinguishing characteristic and a ‘selling point’ of each spacecraft family. Some families will be naturally slower than others (to offset/balance other benefits they provide). It would make sense to have a new spacecraft family (perhaps even the upcoming 🚀 New spacecraft family (poll) ) that vastly outperforms the others (for example, twice the speed at the cost of firepower/heat limits).

The drawback is that such a change would significantly affect how spacecrafts behave in flight, and hence the optimal winning strategy (since you would not be able to instantly cross the entire screen any longer).

Fighter speed should be…
  • Limited
  • Unlimited

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While I’m not convinced about limiting speed for all ships, I would be interested on seeing more of an inertial aproach to the movement, rather than straight up speed limit. An inertial aproach (where the ships would have acceleration, to put in simpler words) besides feeling more natural, it would also soft-limit the maximium speed, since you only have this much space to accelerate.

If I recall correctly I talked about this long time ago but on that moment it was for a new family I came up with (with dual weapon as well, kind of similar to one of the proposals), but then I recall someone telling me that was how the original handling was?

As much as I understand that it’s better to enable the speed limit I probably won’t be able to stand it with my late reaction gameplay style.


I would like to have limited speed to all spaceships. It would, apart from what’s already told, increase game logic, and would make the game harder. That is, until that’s done we have to wait for an amazing game developer to do this feature, apart from balancing of all items and adding a new spacecraft.

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I just want to point that if this feature becomes a thing, it will be harder to collect dropped keys since we may not reach them just in time

Nooo Never, capping the speed will be terrible. I specifically avoided purchasing the BX family ones cause I cannot stand the slowed down speed. Whenever I play in a slowed down enviroment it’s like twilight zone


Why on earth would you need to treat fighter ships like bombers? I’m sure majority of the players will not get used to it once implemented.

I strongly disagree on the limiting the speed of fighter ships. Also, this makes players to spend a lot of keys for maneuvering jets


I think it should be limited. It would help a bit with balancing. And right now, even with the buffs to BX ships, the difference between them and the other ships still feels so damn insane when it comes to speed.
As much as I know that my future self will hate me for this decision, I feel that limiting the speed is the right thing to do.


I’ve cast a vote, but I’m pretty indifferent to this. I think there would be a ton of controversy about limiting it on everything, and it would fundamentally change how the game feels in a big way. Some bosses (Mysterious ship, for example, but it’s far from alone) would be excruciatingly hard to beat if everything was notably slower. It’s a bit different in Massive environments when that’s a challenging debuff, but as a persistently present core mechanic it could have a strong negative impact on players who sit at the lower end of the skill curve.

At the same time, it would allow for more nuance between models, more benefit to quality engines, and the Raven certainly looks like a spaceship that goes fast. I’d be up for it being much (much) quicker than the other models, as its gimmick. Not sure what the cost should be - if Max Power was restricted to Mullers only, as per the @GgWw1175’s suggestions, I think that would make things even.


If the Raven doesn’t get a speed perk, I don’t think limiting speed on everything is a good idea. If speed is going to take a hit across the board, it would be important to have a specific countermeasure to that. If that’s the direction the Raven goes in, though, I’d be happy to give it a shot - so that’s how I’ve voted for now, in favour of the change. I assume that it can be reverted later, if it turns out really ugly - given this has happened once before.


fighter speed shouldn’t be limited with legendary ships though, imo

also maybe sell an item like reverse maneuvering jets so you can do it manually (it wont perish because its a downside)

Since there is no air resistance in space, spaceships should normally fly at the same speed in any environment.
But when the environment is hot, the speed of the spacecraft to reduce the melting of the engine metals, the speed is reduced to the extent that the engine is not damaged.
In cold environments, the exhaust chamber (for flight) freezes and your speed slows down slightly (less than in hot environments).
In waves that are zoomed out, speed should not only not decrease but should increase because there is more space to move. (I think this is in the game now. Isn’t it?)
In environments where there is a lot of gravity near wormholes, planets, etc.,(This is a massive environment ) the speed can be reduced by up to 40%! The gravity of black holes is so strong that even light can not escape them.
These are my opinions about the fighter’s movement speed.

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…no? What are you talking about? Massive means the gravity will slow your ship down.


I didn’t mean that.
I meant when you are in a wave which is zoomed out.

Just want to add my 2 cents since I see more people commenting about not changing the speed.

You’re all just got too much used to that during 3 years of CIU Early Access. If IA didn’t change it in EA v3 you wouldn’t mind it now.

You know, there’s literally 1 person complaining about that before the EA v3 released. Maybe IA got more complaints in private messages or emails, but in general people didn’t hate it. It actually gave a reason to upgrade your spaceship parts. Or at least that was the idea before it got booted out.

CIU is a spin-off game. There can be differences from normal episodes.

Also this is worth noting if you were someone that just outraged and didn’t bother reading the whole post:


The problem here is not “fear of the new” but more of a fear of having the entire game balance thrown out of the window.

The game has the following features balanced according to uncapped flight speed being the standard:

  1. bullet speed
  2. enemy rate of fire
  3. environments
  4. powerup falling speed
  5. food and key timer
  6. wave patterns
  7. actual income

Why the income? People will be more inclined to buy maneuvering jets on top of the (almost mandatory) extra lives, just to play the exact same mission the exact same way.
I’m ok with trying to balance the game; but in my opinion it’s not worth the effort to completly change a core feature (not a mechanic… a feature) if that means having fo fix the game just to make it work again!

“But Stardr…”
Sorry for interrupting you but I know what you are going to say. The main reason bombers got their base speed buffed was for a reason: making them strong enought to feel balanced according to the current game.

If this change pass, then the game will have to be rebalanced, so the bomber changes we just got will make them unbalanced on the opposite end of the spectrum (bomber meta was a thing I have never expected to see coming).

Hope I expressed my point


but stardrone, bombers are chonk and that is what counts


If the “limited” speed of fighter spacecrafts might happen, there are some cons that needs to be considered

  • difficulty of collecting food and coins
  • difficulty of dodging projectiles especially if the enemy/boss throws projectiles faster
  • other issues related to dodging and collecting stuff

Probably if you are a typical food collector and a projectile dodger, I’m sure this limited spacecraft speed thingy will piss you off.

Don’t hate me, I’m just saying my thoughts on it

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Well bombers can work just fine, so why not other ships that would be much faster?


I mean, you can’t really make anything faster than your mouse so I’d assume speed cap to be something you can only reduce, not increase. You could cap the fighter speeds to the current keyboard speeds, but idk how that’ll work out

When was the last time you flew an elite mission with a bomber and unprepeared?