🚀 Poll: Limited vs unlimited fighter speed

Yesterday, if my memory isn’t failing me.


Keyboard movement is currently capped at 500, so that would suck. A stock BX-7 is faster than that.

So far, I’m entirely neutral to this change, so I’m abstaining from voting. We can figure out how to balance things regardless of whether or not this makes it into the game, though I would be interested in trying it out.
I will say that I think a lot of players here take it for granted that limited speed = slow. There’s a lot of room to be flexible with the specific values - a speed value of 1800 (at the engine’s resolution of course, so 3600 at 1080p) allows a ship to get from one side of the screen to the other in roughly half a second. Significant, yes, but not slow by any means, and we can pick pretty much whatever numbers we please.

I largely disagree with Stardrone’s list of features being balanced around unlimited speed. Food and keys indeed would become harder to collect because they scatter around the entire screen. As far as I can tell however, there isn’t a single wave or enemy in the game that is based around you being able to cross the screen in just a few frames. Most of the time you manoeuvre quite slowly, and a decently high speed limit doesn’t pose a handicap in these sorts of situations. I am also not sure what any of this has to do with environments, with the exception of the frozen one.

In general, I think the remark about needing to rebalance the game is an overreaction. The bombers’ performance relative to fighters doesn’t have bearing on their actual performance in missions, which is the ever so slightly more important factor. I’d argue that they’re in a good place right now, and the primary consideration would be to simply not nerf fighters into the ground, which shouldn’t be a problem. With the current values, the M408 would be 36% faster than the BX-7 and still be a smaller target. And we can always make fighters just a bit faster if we need to. This really is not that complicated.


I don’ know exactly what are bomber speeds, but the limited speed is not a bx, so it won’t be so problematic. and if this change is actually done, we can have another factor to nerf H&C/ buff M40x

I’ll be closing this poll tomorrow morning, because the result will help with the balancing changes.

If you haven’t voted yet, this is your chance.


So this does means that H&Cs will be worthless to use and majority of people will always rely on a Müller?

After reading the upcoming changes and other people’s posts I think that I may be in the wrong and I am overreacting too much.

I still dislike the change but I will accept it if it becomes a thing.

It’s “photon swarm rework” all over again. I disliked it when it was suggested and now it’s my favourite weapon to use. I think this speed change may be the same thing to me


the difference between limited and unlimited doesn’t have to be big, not like limited is making other ships unrelyable
i don’t know the numbers and i didn’t play massive/bx ships to know the difference.


Oh I see, its just weird looking for a fighter ship to maneuver like a bomber in a non-massive environment

looks like unlimited won

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What curious results. While there’s a non-insignificant skew towards leaving things as-is, the community is more evenly split than I anticipated.

Perhaps not the outcome I was expecting, but I won’t complain. If iA decides to act in favour of the poll consensus, it’ll mean less work overhauling the game to re-balance, less frustration re-training my own brain to play the other ships with reduced movement, and the potential for some other cool mechanics for the Raven.


Just like I said. 3 years of getting used to it after IA resigning from that change. It would look different if not that.


I think , for the sake of all players with their disgust towards limited speed/Bx-ships/massive missions.
this should remain as it is.

but i still want to say, that when devs make polls, they look at percentages. if unlimited won by a slight amount, that doesn’t mean no change, maybe just one spaceship family affected.

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Or maybe that means that the dev should still take our arguments into consideration.

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yeah kinda like that

The dev is free to do whatever he wants, because he’s the game designer and the community isn’t. Unless explicit promises are made beforehand (typically a bad idea if one isn’t ready to accept any possible outcome) then the final choice is up to iA and iA alone, because CIU is his game.

That doesn’t mean he won’t consider community input or poll results or discussions, but sometimes people seem to feel like game devs are beholden to whatever the majority consensus is - “what the fans want” - which isn’t always what the fans need or a road to good game design.


Frankly enough, i did voted for unlimited speed in fighters because of 2 subjective opinions which aren’t quite strong, altrough, compared to most of votes of unlimited speed and limited speed options, limited speed has more discussions from a bit ago and more opinions in this topic, which there could be like a bit more discussion instead of just taking the voting results. Being sincerely, even though i voted for Unlimited speed, im actually quite indifferent to this, the reason why i whould like it to stay the same is:

  1. When i brought bomber a little time ago, i used to completely hate how slow they used to be compared to the fighters, which kinda irritated me a bit, altrough with the new changes they got quite recently, i started to like them a little more than before.

  2. In one of the games from before (i don’t remember which one was), i used to depsite a lot something which used to annoy me most of the time: in any multiplayer session, my spaceship velocity limited depending on the ping I had (which used to be a lot), was the other reason of why i don’t want this. Altrough, I have realized the existencie of this in CIU multiplayer with the differencie that it didn’t bother me at all playing any session, obviusly all the fault of my old internet.

And the reason of why i think this could be great for the game too is because of the old discussions + the opinions in here which both were solid and convincing enough and i fully respect them more than some opinions which can be summarized as “fighters are not bombers bruh” (not saying that all the opinions about unlimited speed were like this).

That’s pretty much all, if there would have been a “Indifferent” option, i whould have casted my vote in there instead, altrough thinking on it a bit more, i whould maybe voted for limiting the speed since exists the difference between a spaceship that moves slow/fast by nature and one that moves slow because of your shitty internet, even more chances if the upcoming spacecraft could have been way faster than the others.

In a nutshell: im completely indifferent to both options.

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