[Poll] About exiting EA phase

I’m surprised that the “keys only + refund for equipment” is still as popular as it is. Mind you, I’m not complaining – this would make the transition a lot easier for me.

Still, I appreciate that it would negatively impact the players who have spent time exploring the galaxy and collecting all medals, so I still have my doubts.

No decision has been made yet, but here’s what I do know: The galaxy (in particular, star systems and planets) must be regenerated. The current galaxy’s density is heavily biased towards the bottom-right. The sectors there contain up to 8000+ players each. This creates load balancing problems on the server. I’d much rather have an approximately constant density of planets everywhere.

That’s the only thing that absolutely must change. But changing that has implications:

  • The missions would also be regenerated. Those would be different missions rather than a reshuffling of existing ones, so it’s unclear how your favourites/todo/assignments/mission total would be affected.
  • The exporation % would also change, making the 100% medal outdated.

In my opinion it’s not that much of a problem.

I wouldn’t bother exploring the whole galaxy again :wink:

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Missions already got reset so many times since I started playing the game that missions I favourited 300 days ago aren’t the same from a long time.
Nowadays I only use favourites when new waves or bosses gets added for easy search.
If those get removed/reset with release, I wouldn’t actually bother that much and I think I’m not the only one.

Istead, I would actually like to refill it again.

If somone managed to get the 100% medal he should keep it (even if outdated) just to say “I managed to do that in beta”.

Solution: Being able to regain that medal
Having 2 exploration medals at full release will be seen as an achievement and the biggest flex in the game.
If a player doesn’t have the early access medal but 2 exploration… that will only be possible due to cheats.

It’s more to reward dediction. I will never try to get that medal myself (I don’t have time) but some did and that is what matter the most.
Idea,bug,ea medals will be kept. Why not the hardest in the game?

I’m fine with all the other medals get reset; With the exception of ladder related ones, I see all of them just as collectables, not archievements.
Some people won their medals with exploits or when there where few players.
Legacy content should be seen as resetable

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The exploration medal is not the early access/bug/idea medal which are mandatory to transport. Nobody make the players explore the whole galaxy during the early access stage. Yeah its long run to do, why wouldn’t you explore the galaxy and get the medal? But it isnt hard either. Im sure that its possible to explore it below than 3 hours or less. Everything except the keys spend, bug/idea/EA medals should be regenerated and reset.


Eventhough I disagreed on full reset but I can’t stop it anyway.

The things that we should still keep in my opinion is our rare equipment, our top-10/most active medals, basically the stuff that stuff that we spent extra effort to get them.

This implies keys as well, right?

Yea… we’re going to get all the keys we spent during EA anyway if I’m correct.

That means free 100K keys medal to some player :wink:


And that’s why I think it’ll be unfair for new players.


True, but some are unfair for old player like they have to explore the galaxy again, fly 50K waves again and so on.


And that’s why it would probably be unfair for EA players.

And so, the conflictions

And because of both reasons this topic exists to find the best solution for everyone.

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Yea, but like iA said, the first option seems to be winning

Again, nobody forced you to explore the whole galaxy mandatory, playing over 50 000 waves and so on. Its cool to be competitive, but in early access stage, it doesnt make much sense.

Reset the galaxy so I could profit because I literally only have 1 key in my bank account and 11 milliliters of fuel in the engine

Come on don’t be lazy

And nobody is forcing me not to, medals exist so it’s possible, why not then? Plus who knows that EA would last that long, I wouldn’t just stand there doing nothing special and wait like qbus for it to be over.

I am not, but if we’re gonna keep it and have another 100% galaxy medal like Stardrone said then fine, works for me. But I still don’t agree on resetting everything including medals that are hard to get.

Also why do you have 1 key and 11 milliliters of fuel? I thought you were joking

When you play an early access game, you should embrace the fact that all that you’re doing will be zeroed later. Being part of an Early Access doesn’t mean doing it before everyone else, it means help the developers on TESTING the balance and issues on the game.

In all cases, I would then say to keep the medals and statistics to flex, but what comes to actual gameplay, zero everything. Start from scratch, just as you would do as non EA player.


And our ships or at least the paintjobs.

If you want to reset anything, just reset it but please don’t touch my medal collection and my spacecrafts (and hardpoints too), or at least, just keep the spacecrafts and hardpoints cuz it takes effort and mind of a designer to get this far.

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That’s actually what I meant. Some medals should be kept(especially top-10s) like Weekly Hard Worker medal for example, we spent a whole week to get it, so they should be kept along with EA medals.

And you have lots of spaceships, paintjobs, hardpoints. So our rare items should be kept too or at least our customization should be saved, so we can load them if we lost our equipment.