Players who doesnt comply to the rules for videos

I can intervene here because one person behaves quite harshly after i remind him that he has to follow the rules about the CIU videos. The screenshots will show what i am talking about:

There is NO early access inscription!
Then the things getting a lot more interesting:

Dont ask me why i use this random account :smiley:
@InterAction_studios The rules are still going on right? Not only that he didnt undersand but… Ok i hope you take care of this.


That’s true.

Just flag this who say flag alert.

Excuse me?
What are you talking about?
The answer is true I Said…
It was true!

What are you even talking about? I mean my mobile account. The real problem is on the screenshots. In YT flags doesnt help.

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It’s on the forum.
after that the answer is yes.
I haven’t talking about.

Who knows, maybe it’s CIFan72

i told him that in new video he needs to put EARLY ACCESS in title

I found this video too, will see what will happen. Do you noticed he plays with keyboard? Hardcore man.

I’m not alternate form and i’m not travis.
I’m john right?

Ah sh@t, here we go again…

Ah,this person also used to have an offensive username. I’m pretty sure they’ll be getting a nasty punishment sooner or later.

He answering like a bot. I didnt give him more than 13 years.

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Oh god, he entered my channel

Report them with this:
It helped someone recently, so this should help too.

@ChickenCloudy This warning is in regards to all your “Chicken Invaders Universe” on YouTube.

You should mark all public videos as “EARLY ACCESS”, AS PER THE TERMS YOU AGREED TO when starting the game.

Please correct this immediately, or action will be taken against you.

(cc: e-mail)

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he uploaded all CIU videos without “Early Access” title as well

Ok, added to e-mail.


Why are you acting so weird, VerMishel wasn’t talking about you. And why did you make the first 2 comments?

And this one, Nikito wasn’t talking about you either

What? I’m not acting weird like that!
I’m just a worse!
It’s Not good to talking this weird replies!