Players who doesnt comply to the rules for videos

that chickencloudy guy also said on a video that he hates orandza

Oh, @ChickenCloudy’s CIU location is near mine.

Is he at Tanuta wormhole? @isp Wich video, can you send it?

This forum is Travis’s playground.

No, it isn’t. Why would you want the forum to be his playground after all? :pouting_cat:

Yes he is.

I’d like you to tell us where EA said that they want it. It’s just the way it looks like when travis makes useless posts.

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Travis’ nonsense, EA’s jokes, i don’t understand.

And that totally proves that EA said that they want this to be Travis’ playground.

the video’s been deleted sadly

What proof? I’m still confused as to what you mean…

You claim here that EA wants this to be Travis’ playground,and I asked you to show us when exactly EA said that.

Well, i’ve seen it in that topic:
I don’t remember when EA really first said that but i hope it is good proof

Lol,funny. EA saying that Travis’ playground is expanding is the same thing as EA wanting this forum to be Travis’ playground? Makes no sense,at all.

no u.

Well, it may make only a little sense, doctor, but it is just proof that EA wants the forum to be Travis’ playground, not the sentence of EA saying that the forum is Travis’ playground itself.

Uh,no,it isn’t proof…literally nowhere in that post is stated that they want it to be Travis’ playground.

Jesus christ doctor, it’s like YOU NEVER understand what i say.

Really? Do you understand what I say?
EA never stated that they want this to be Travis’ playground. How hard is that to understand?
They’re just saying that it looks like it is,not that they want it to be that way.

Fine, okay, i just meant that EA stated that this is Travis’ playground.

I’m really dumb.