Plans for the next CIU Update

1-after winning a mission add new or other titles than having only “mission complete” for example add the “Outstanding!” One from revenge of the yolk

2-People who Has CHL And Over tier 99 with a specific rank can make custom missions that give no keys to who created them and let them be playable for other CHL Users( they can play them when they see the specific player stats )

3-looking someone’s User Make you able to see their Favorite missions (add in options to allow or not showing the others the fav missions)

4-Add the caves levels from CI5 That has like the Heart of darkness boss and the crystals, add this level and maybe new waves for that type of mission because we’re not going to play the same waves for the same type of the mission over and over again

5-make it so players can add their own soundtrack (make it by spending 500 keys as ×2 price of the soundtracks in game and make them private being able to show only for the player who created them only)
The reason i said this because mobile users can’t mod CIU without having a pc, However pc players can mod anything and everything, and maybe some pc users don’t know how to even mod the game, and these are just soundtracks, not gonna hurt anyone if its added will it?

6-(not necessary) Make a button that makes the captain says the lines in game only
For example “i hit the mother lode!” “Beggars can’t be choosers…”
But the lines that are made for one boss such as planetary egg it has a special line, make it not available since its a line for only one boss

7-Make an offline mode where you can download missions then play them offline whenever you want (you can’t buy anything from the shop on offline mode but only play with the things you have until you go online again to buy the things)

Thats all


Mostly suggested before, and either IPR or not happening

Mission creator was in plans and as far as I know it didn’t have such weird requirements.

Suggested to death and back, but iOS release is soon so maybe we’ll finally see it.
Planetary missions generator

Also suggested many times and it may be added.
CIU offline mode

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How does that relate? Or perhaps you mean that this will give iA spare time to care about those missions?

This is the most current “roadmap” we have. Planetary missions were also said to not come until early access ends few times and well, we are currently after the release. iOS got kind of thrown back due to anti-cheat hell, but it seems IA’s finally back on track.

so basically:
iOS release > android release > new content

iOS will be after 2-3 days according to iS.

It’s quite useful and you save a bit of resources instead of having the player and the game open, and above all it’s not difficult to apply it since it’s just putting a folder in the root folder of the game called custom music and the same will also apply on Android but all that remains is to wait for the launch of ciu on android and ios

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