Planets with ring

Hi friends!
I have an idea.
InterAction studios can add planets like Saturn to make the game more beautiful.
All planets are without ring.
Please add this idea!


I think this is planned since they said they will add new environment for meteor storm missions

Asteroid belts.

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Interaction studios please add it!

Pleaſe don’t juſt aſſume that all your ideas will automatically be added. There’s no guarantee, and there is certainly no reaſon to think that IA is adding things as quickly as he’s beïng given ideas. Way early on he ſaid that if he liked your poſt it’s on his liſt, but that is ſtill not a promiſe that it’ll make it into the game. There are ideas dating back to Auguſt that he’s liked and haſn’t gotten around to adding yet (or poſſibly nixed in the meantime); everything has to wait its turn.


I don’t say add it now!!!


Added to v.19 :medal_military: Idea

@Traveller is right. You just got really lucky this time, because this idea has been on my mind for a while now, but I kept putting it off until I’d first solved some technical difficulties (to be honest, I still haven’t solved them all – I’m just waiting for the first bug reports to come rushing in :stuck_out_tongue:)


Are the rings only on ‘‘Alien worlds’’? Or maybe i will have to find to myself :stuck_out_tongue:

If you had that idea on your mind is it worth giving idea medal?
I feel like these medals are used too much. Like… I feel like they should be awarded to really unique and well thought ideas as a way to reward significant improvement to the game. No hates, just my opinion.


Every little idea is an idea, every little bug is a bug. Medals for discovering bugs and implemented ideas should be awarded for this.


Yeah, but some bugs are worse and some are not.
Game-breaking bugs are much worse than for example… typos. And because of that they should be awarded.
Kind of the same with ideas.

There could be another medal “For a great contribution to the organization of UHF”


Who is this medal?

wow, didn’t expect that. Will there be unharmful asteroid flying in the background like in an old version of CI2?

Wow! this planet is so beautiful!
Is this planet (with rings) for Asteroid belts mission??? (question for @InterAction_studios)

I think its just alien world planet with rings.

Also the Terrain and Inferno planet with rings.

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Please dont bump. Create new topic.

Why? This is not a “That old” topic and the reply is a (in my opinion) good concept that is relevant to the title
(I would really want fiery saturns in game)

It could be molten rings for inferno and double rings for some terran planets