Planeteers, unite!

So I did make a server actually… here it is!
It’s basic, but I think it’s enough to let us plan stuff out and stuff.

So if you’re intrested, come on down!


I’d just like to say that this is such a tempting invitation rn just wow.

“1 other memberS

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I hope unite 2 will still be adversed on the forum.
I don’t want to download discord only for that

I think it will, we will just use discord as support most likely for those who use it.

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Alright we got a target.

Provided by Nikito

I don’t know what end date to do but I’m going on vacation soon so it doesn’t matter for me.
Perhaps Robocat should lead the charge again


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The best part about this planet is that it is in my favorite constellation so I have everything that I know extremely near.

The last time I saw Delta Aphion, she was with dark brown with dark blue oceans(because of the new clowd architecture). And now is back to normal? Well, the first form of the planet was 95% water and now is kinda reverse after few changes.

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Planeteers Unite! Again Seriously Guys?

yes :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, because why not. I’m bored and there’s nothing to explore.


I will come later


Hell yeh! Planeteers

Sadly I will not come. Forgot my profile backup and went almost abroad. Sorry.

Same for me.
I am in Spain while my pc is in Italy.
At least we will do it yet another time at “global launch”

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