Plan Update #08

Greetings, recruits!

Good news: our to-do list is down to 0 items (well, we cheated a bit and moved some of the items to an auxiliary list :stuck_out_tongue: ). Some functionality that we would have preferred to be present from the get-go has now been postponed until one of the first updates (we’ll explain this further upon release). But the core mechanics certainly work!

What’s important now is to get something playable out to all you recruits so we can start collecting real data about what’s fun and what’s not and tweak the game accordingly. If you look back at previous Chicken Invaders episodes, gameplay was very rough during the beta stages and was progressively refined through your feedback, and CIU will be no exception.

Anyway, the next step (possibly tomorrow) is to release a quick teaser to, well, tease you. We’ll then take the next few days (hopefully not more than a week) to deploy the cloud architecture so you can start saving the world!


I knew that the wait would be worth it! No matter what comes out from this early access,I’m sure it’s going to be great


Sounds like good times are ahead. I am like.

This just made my day! Keep up the good work!

i have a lot of hype about this

yes man ;D i have a lot of hype

Very well. The Prosecution has no objections to this statement.

I want to ask. Is the universe going to be as big as it’s gonna be? Is there even going to be a tutorial? Also are social features even a thing? I’d want to atleast say “hey” to someone, but core features is mostly all I could need for now.

Finally some good news

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Hooray! The wait was definitely worth it, can’t wait to play the game!

Recruit 35 standing by for potential testing delivery.



Great, we’re one step closer to the release of ICU now
Will there be pre-order soon?

It’ll be free to play

i cant wait to play it
on my windows xp stolen machine

Oh boy, Christmas is real early this year.


@InterAction_studios Great job guys, the chickens will not know what hit them this time!

@InterAction_studios Will I be able to buy it on Steam when early access starts?

Great to see some updates, I can’t wait to test it. :grin:

I got chicken skin just from reading that… Get it? Chicken skin?.. Why am I even alive

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