Plan Update #06

Greetings, recruits!

In the past days we spent a lot of time finalizing the cloud-based server architecture for the game, and performing preliminary tests. We’ll leave this for now and tackle cloud deployment and other issues after the game is ready to be released (this is not going to be simple, we expect at least another week’s worth of work in that front).

Sadly, a couple of emergencies cropped up recently that will force us to put CIU development on hold until the fires can be put out. Firstly, last week Google decided to remove all Android games from their store due to changes brought about by GDPR. We managed to patch the problem by removing personalized ads, but this is something that will need to be fixed properly (and urgently, since ad revenue keeps us fed). Secondly, a couple of days ago Apple informed us that they’ll be shortly removing all our Mac games because they’re 32-bit, so we need to prepare and upload 64-bit builds. All in all, boring non-creating work. It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it :frowning:


We’ll be back to CIU as soon as humanly possible. Until then, here’s an unofficial, preliminary, and subject-to-change list of equipment that you can purchase and install on your spaceship and/or apply to individual missions before you fly them. Note that this doesn’t include the spaceship load-out (reactor, engine, heatsink, weapons) and customization (paintjobs) aspects. Equipment can be instant-on (active as soon as you purchase it), mountable (active only if it’s mounted/installed in a spaceship/mission slot), pilot-deployed (pilot controls deployment during mission), or perishable (deployed automatically). Some equipment also allows installation of multiple units simultaneously, which compounds the total effect.


  • extraslot Extra Slot. Increases the number of available mission slots into which items may be mounted/installed.

  • empshield EMP Shield. An array of sensors connected to a portable EMP generator create a protective EMP-cancelling bubble which resists electric and magnetic surges.

  • heatshield Heat Shield. Externally-mounted heat-resistant panels made of tempered Tuffstuffium that protect from extreme temperatures and improve your cabin’s air-conditioning efficiency.

  • gravitynullifier Gravity Nullifier. An artifical Lagrangian point generator which nullifies gravitational forces in real time. A microcontroller array monitors and adjusts the point several hundred times per second for that extra-smooth ride.

  • eventhorizonstabilizer Event Horizon Stabilizer. Highly experimental technology that allows entering orbit around wormholes. Avoids those blurry wormhole selfies.

  • orbitdroid Orbit Droid. Honestly, who has the time to park their own spaceship? Locating a suitable parking slot, navigating around planetary debris, and avoiding fender-benders is something best left to your personal orbit droid.

  • warpdrive Warp Drive. Is the speed of light too slow for you? Do you find interstellar travel dreadfully boring? Do you think delayed gratification is for losers? Warp 9. The only way to travel.

  • warpboost Warp Boost. What’s the use of travelling at Warp 9 if it takes forever to rev up to it? Buckle up, sit back, and feel yourself coalescing with your chair.

  • warpinterrupted Warp, Interrupted. Suppose that you’ve punched in your hyperspace coordinates and you’re just beginning to feel the warp drive kick in when you realize you forgot to go to the bathroom. What do you do? Hold it in all the way? “Warp, Interrupted” saves the day be allowing you to drop out of warp mid-trip. WARNING: Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, and total protonic reversal.

  • fuel Fuel. Standard universal galactic fuel. Gets you places. After the Fuel Backwards Compatibility Fiasco of the early 22nd century, all galactic fuel vendors settled on a common, re-usable, compatible fuel specification. Like USB, but for spaceships. What a time to be alive!


  • background Background starfields. Background starfield from previous Chicken Invaders episodes.
  • music Music. Music from previous Chicken Invaders episodes.
  • hud HUD Progress Meter. Shows % progress for each wave on your HUD.
  • hud HUD Destruction Meter. Shows destruction meter on your HUD.
  • hud HUD Damage Indicator. Shows how much damage is inflicted to your enemies on your HUD.
  • hud HUD Points Indicator. Shows points earned on your HUD.

Skill levels

  • skill0 Tourist. Enjoy the sights and leave the world-saving to the professionals.
  • skill1 Rookie. Suitable for newcomers fresh out of heroes academy
  • skill2 Seasoned. This isn’t your first mission. Or your second one.
  • skill3 Veteran. Only recommended for experienced chicken hunters.
  • skill4 Superstar Hero. “I eat chickens for breakfast!”
  • none ???


  • laserscope Laser Scope. High-intensity laser beam which attaches to the nose of your spaceship for that precision strike. Also great for distracting feline alien species.
  • strobelights Strobe Lights. Perfect for when you’re in a party mood. Or a seizure mood. NOTE: In the interest of public sanity, galactic regulations prohibit use of strobe lights when not engaged in world-saving stuff.
  • extralife Extra Life. A second chance never hurt anyone.
  • coolant Coolant Canister. Attaches liquid helium cooling canisters to each weapon pod. Upon overheat, the canisters will automatically release their contents, instantly cooling your weapons.
  • poultrypayback Poultry Payback. Unleashes a powerful shockwave upon the destruction of your spaceship. Because revenge is a dish best served immediately.
  • thrustvectorcontrol Thrust Vector Control. Decouples engine thrust and flight direction, allowing for limited space drifting. Perfect for shooting around corners.
  • bulletsprayexpander Bullet Spray Expander. Swivels your gun pods outwards, covering a wider area at the cost of unfocused fire. Commonly known as “Spammer’s Strategy”.
  • bulletspraycondenser Bullet Spray Condenser. Swivels your gun pods inwards, delivering concentrated fire damage at the cost of reduced area coverage.
  • invulnerabilityextension Invulnerability Extension. Extends your spaceship’s invulnerability period after being destroyed.
  • masscondenser Mass Condenser. Artificially generates a cloud of heavy particles that adhere to your spaceship’s hull, thereby greatly increasing crash damage. Note: You may notice your cabin getting noticeably more cramped.
  • eggularrepulsor Eggular Repulsor. Coats your spaceship’s hull with a repelling substance that effectively makes you a smaller target to all incoming fire.


  • missile Missile. Missiles are automatically guided to the center of the battlefield, where they explode damaging all enemies. An all-powerful weapon, it can equally be used for offensive or defensive purposes, as the blast also destroys all enemy projectiles.
  • mine Mines. Mines laid behind your spaceship are programmed to explode after a fixed short delay, damaging all enemies and clearing the battlefield of enemy projectiles.
  • none Dimensional Phase-out. Prevents destruction of your spaceship by instantly phasing out to the next convenient parallel dimension and back again. WARNING: Phasing out re-routes a lot of energy away from your weapons.
  • shockwavecapacitor Shockwave Capacitor. Discharges high-energy capacitors into an expanding shockwave that obliterates projectiles and inflicts massive damage to nearby enemies.
  • damageamplifier Damage Amplifier. Temporarily boosts all weapon output beyond its normal limit. Waaaaaay beyond.

to much hype my brain cant handle it


I can not wait to make a long excursion through the new galaxy :clap:


Finally some news for me in these days this is the most expected game


This sounds very promising! Will there be a second video teaser before early access starts?


the hype for this game gets danker and danker each day


OMG IM SUPER HYPED!!! …OMG I hope u add new ship models and multiplayer!


Wait, so is early access delayed again?

From what I underſtand, yes. But ſomeöne correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m Recruit 35, and I approve of this message.


and I think that probably the full game will not be ready until the end of the year :neutral_face: :worried: :confused:

Keep going dev team! I can wait very patiently for this game because I know the wait will be worth it.


I can’t wait, the ones you can read, you hear incredibly exciting.

I mean, I’ve waited this long. Plus, these extra powerups and options look pretty cool.
Until then… :stopwatch:


I’m too hyped to wait any longer I’m afraid… :smiley:

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I don’t think that I can handle this much hype…


Nice. It takes a few weeks to memorize these things!

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Oh yeah boy, we’re burnin’ chickens.

This all sounds amazing! The hype is unreal :smile:


Woah!! Amazing! Oh mane, I’m so hyped to see this! I understand that iA has some problems now. We’re not in hurry :smiley: