Idea for a new SuperWeapon!

In the Plan Update #06 @InterAction_studios showed us the equipment teaser. The SuperWeapons seemed rather interesting to me, so I decided to make my own! Here you go:

  1. Item Catcher: In short, a grappling hook that will catch any items nearby that you’re unable to pick up with your spaceship. This is a perishable (deployed automatically) item. It is useful when for example, when a chicken drops a key but you’re unable to take it because it is surrounded by chickens. Same for other item chickens drop. If an item is nearby, the grappling hook will automatically deploy and catch the item and bring it to the spaceship. But, the item will get destroyed if it gets over damaged. So, be careful!

  2. Force Catcher: This is an another version of the Item Catcher. But instead, it isn’t perishable, it’s pilot-deployed (pilot controls deployment during mission). When there is an item nearby, you can activate the item and it will release something I’d call a “Force Wave”. A “Force Wave” will expand in a short radius and any items that were caught will be brought back to the spaceship. This item is indestructible, but it has limited uses, so use it carefully!

  3. Bot catchers: And yet another Item Catcher. This item is also pilot-deployed. When there is an item nearby, you can deploy a bot that will immediately go get the item and bring it to you. This item has advantage over the other two items because it has unlimited range; but you have only two bots, which can be destroyed just by touching a chicken but killing the chicken too, or inflicting some damage to it or by getting hit by enemies’ projectiles.

Well, that’s all I have for now! Feel free to asking me any questions regarding my ideas! I hope you like it! :grin::grin:

  • Those are awesome! Id love to see them in-game!
  • Nice idea, I like it.
  • Not bad…
  • That’s a bad idea, I don’t like it.
  • Horrible!
  • Good idea, but I’d like to change/add something.
  • Bad idea, I’d like to change/add something.

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Item catcher is very good idea.

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