Partial boſs concepts

Theſe aren’t fully-fledged boſſes, but rather a few ideas awaiting development.

  1. A boſs that ſomehow raiſes the temperature, reſulting in far more frequent weapon overheat (maybe flaming boſs? Highly flammable boſs that catches fire upon being ſhot?)

  2. A boſs which, like thoſe in CI3 but unlike thoſe in CI5, ſhoots laſers without warning (no dotted lines) but at a conſtant rate, preferably in time to the muſic (vaguely like xXmlgDiegoXx ſuggeſted). This lack of warning and the relying on the player’s ſenſe of timing is part of what made ſome of the old CI3 boſſes ſo challenging, and it’d be good to ſee ſome of that again. Not an original idea, but a conſideration.

  3. A boſs (think UCO) with one or more arms has juſt a hammer ore round ball at the end which has no purpoſe other than to hit the hero directly.

  4. A boſs with attacks (or helpers: chickens that come to its aid) proportional to the player’s firepower. Not effective firepower, but the number written in the corner of the ſcreen. Thus if you had 60 firepower it would be a lot more challenging than if you had 20. This actually favors players with exactly 10 or 20 firepower, without any to ſpare. I know this ſounds harſh to good players, but I have 2 reſponſes to that: a) good players need the occaſional challenge, and b) I’m not ſaying it would be good for every level to be like this, but it would help to ſhake things up a bit and add intereſt to the game. There is a little point to ſettle for this concept, which is whether the difficulty ſhould decreaſe mid-wave when you die and loſe firepower? The problem with this is that it actually encourages people to kill themſelves in order to make the level eaſier, although that might alſo be a good thing!

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  1. Higher overheat changes things in regular waves,but in boss fights…it only makes them longer
  2. Bosses like that would be neat,but there should still be some sort of a way to know that a boss is about to use its instant lasers(for example,there could be a “danger zone”,just like in the chapter 5 boss fight).
  3. Idk what to say about this. There are already bosses that have parts which can kill you directly.
  4. There’s a small problem with this. Good players could simply not collect more than 20 firepower. Simple as that.
  1. You know that the boſs is about to ſhoot becauſe of timing. Think about how the CI3 1ſt UCO always fired a ſhot with the red laſer juſt after the green ones, and later on the metal reïnforced egg ſhoots four inſtant things at 90° angles without any warning except timing. You can go back and watch thoſe here (alſo found in the news ſection of the main InterAction Studios ſite).
  2. For ſome reaſon I couldn’t skip a bullet point.
  3. That’s certainly true for really good players, but I know that I at leaſt prefer to have a good ſafety margin between me and the 20-firepower mark. Alſo, it ſhouldn’t be eaſy at 20, juſt eaſier than at 60. Beſides, if the majority of players don’t know about this little feature, it could lead to ſome intereſting and fun diſcoveries for ſome.
  1. You completely missed my point. My point is that players won’t know when they’re playing for the first time. So there must be an indicator. And what about rotating lasers? They start from random positions.
  2. Right…
  3. In the original post,you said “thus if you had 60 firepower,it would be A LOT MORE CHALLENGING than if you had 20 firepower”. Also,it doesn’t have to be exactly 20. You could stop at 25. And I don’t think that this feature would be that hard to notice.
  1. I don’t mean all laſers ſhould be without warning, juſt ſome of them, like for certain boſſes.

You STILL don’t get my point? The point is that,without some sort of a warning,new players won’t know that the boss/enemy is about to fire it.

The whole “Kill yourself to make the boss easier” thing is pretty bad. It would make getting a flawless win a lot harder, if you had to avoid powerups before the boss. It would certainly make the 1 maximum life handicap (2 in combination) practically impossible, since you would need firepower for the earlier part of the game. That’s like making a boss that would use your rockets against you. You shouldn’t punish the player for being good. That’s why you get good. But that’s just my opinion.

Oh! That’s what’s bothering you! Yes, that’s true, but I think that if you can beat an unfamiliar boſs the firſt time ſeeing it without loſing a ſingle life, then the boſs is far too eaſy for you. I think the beſt boſſes are thoſe that have ſome ſort a rhythm the player needs to be prepared for, and if you give forewarning for everything, people no longer have to pay attention to the cycle.

For the third time,that’s the point! You might not beat the boss on the first try without dying,if there’s no way to tell that the boss is about to use an instant laser. And I’m absolutely not saying that the game should give you warnings every time this attack is about to get used. It should only give you a warning for the first time a certain boss uses its instant lasers! That’s enough,unless the boss uses its laser randomly

I think that’s a good thing. If you always know that you’ll win no problem, then you’re probably playing a game that’s too eaſy. To clarify, the poſſibility of death makes the game more exciting, and makes you feel happier about winning, or even juſt ſurviving to the next level.

You’re saying that the possibility of getting screwed by RNG is exciting? Because that’s what’s going to happen if there’s absolutely no way to tell that an enemy is about to fire an instant laser. Yes,you’re right,possibility of death makes the game more exciting. But not if it’s possible to die just because you didn’t know that an enemy was about to use an instant laser.

Thanks for your quick reply!

I think it ſhould be deſigned ſuch that it always ſtarts at the ſame time, which can be indicated by almoſt anything: a ſecond after the boſs ſtops moving, a viſual indication on the boſs, anything ſo long as it’s not obvious to a newcomer. It could alſo be that the boſs ſhoots to laſers each at a 45° angle to the vertical, ſo you know to ſtay out of the area until you’ve ſeen the firſt ſhot, and thereäfter it ſhoots every 3 ſeconds, ſo anyöne who’s ſeen it before knows to avoid the attack.

So no, it ſhouldn’t be random, but at times the neceſſity of knowing the boſs from experience would be nice, ſo while you ſhouldn’t expect people to beat it the firſt time they ſee it, once they’ve ſeen it a few times, they know to avoid beïng in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You see,you never mentioned how would a newcomer know about this. Basically any part of the boss could fire an instant laser. Haven’t you noticed that not all bosses have a visual indication for this? Even if they did,how would you know which part of the boss is supposed to fire the laser? It could be anything. “a ſecond after the boſs ſtops moving”,how would a new player know about this? “ſo anyöne who’s ſeen it before knows to avoid the attack.” The same story repeats for the rest of your statements,too. You keep talking as if everyone will know what the bosses are going to do! That’s why there should at least be a danger zone,or something else that shows you when the boss is about to use its lasers! Because they WON’T know about the instant lasers! Yeah,people don’t have to beat it on their first try,but they don’t have to be forced to die,either!

And there, my friend, lies our disagreement. Oh well, at leaſt we fully underſtand each other’s point of view, and that in and of itſelf is ſomething.

Have you ſeen the idea I came up with this morning yet? Thoughts?

yeah,I guess that we’ll just leave it at this.
As for that idea,yes,I saw it,but I forgot to comment there. It is a neat idea

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