Boss ideas for CIU

Here are my ideas of bosses for CIU, if you like you can also share yours in this post:

  1. recycled (boss created without ideas sorry :/): this boss would have a crab head destroyed an arm of this destroyed and functional, a ray of u.c.o destroyed, an arm of the crab v2 like the others. Finally you will have 2 crab arms, 2 crab v2 arms and 2 u.c.o arms. (interaction studios did not say recycled bosses literally)

  2. disc chicken: quiet your weapons in this combat are forbidden (until you get tired and you can hurt him), in this fight you will follow the rhythm of the music until the chicken gets tired and you can hurt it. (Just Shapes & Beats | Barracuda rank S - YouTube a better example of this combat)

  3. the world (ZA WARUDO): this chicken paralyzes the time and you must be far from your attack range, once your attack is finished you can wound it (is it a reference to jojo?)

  4. your nightmares come back: this boss will be a kind of contraption which will attack with meteorites (yes, prepare your weapons) but when he reaches 50% of his life he will attack with comets (memories of the comet chase), the object in the attack meteorites the boss will stay on the screen moving while the meteorites fall but when he attacks with comets he will go from the screen on the upper side while the comets come from bottom to top. (At the bottom of the combat there will be meteors and comets, they will differ because they are darker than those that kill you).

these will be my ideas of bosses for now, what do you think?.



I don’t think they would do references like that.

Its just fanmade thing

:+1: thats so cool men

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There you go

Potentially the strongest boss in the game, it’s dab is too powerful and it will kill you in one hit


:laughing: I’m dying! This is too epic! Legit, the most OP boss ever! Begone Shaggy!

Good bump right @anon27929001?

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Yes,it is very good and nice

It took me ages to find someone who can beat him. But I now have that thing


Wrong, not even shaggy can defeat him. His wings are too thicc and anything would perish in front of him

Stop bumping and off topiccing.

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My idea!!
And turrets are drawed poorly im lazy xD and bad at drawing.

I don’t get it.

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The Pulk can!

Hi there! This file show my firs boss ideas. Cartoon similar pictures, descriptions and one music file ( Chicken indavers 3 boss music but nightcored, one boss version)

If you guys want more tell me and your opinios! :slight_smile:

It’s really good i did see your idea but that’s too hard for me cause there is too much lasers and eggs are too much