Overhauling the whole mission system

Take a deep breath.Open your mind.This is controversial.

Now it really doesn’t make sense that when you travel to a planet,you play a mission,clear it,and then you can still play it again.

So,I say,change it altogether.

When a mission is completed,it disappears from the list,for all players.Missions,are procedurally generated on a planet, and when one player plays it,it disappears.

The difficulty and the number of the new missions generated in a planet depends on a few factors:

1)How much time has passed since a mission has been played on that planet.(the more time has passed,the harder it will be.)

2)How many players are present in that system.(less players,harder missions.

3)The number of shops in the system.(the more shops,the more likely a planet is to be attacked.)

4)The type of planet.For example,Alien Worlds are more likely to get attacked,than,say,Barren Rock planets.

Now,the reasoning behind this is that planets get “attacked” and the UHF has to go and clear it.

When there are no missions available on a planet,this message appears:“This planet is secure.Keep checking to keep the Chickens away!”,or something like that.

Yes,I am aware that this change has to involve a fundamental change into he very way missions are coded,and,so,discuss.

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It would require a lot of real time update, and it’s not easy. I would rather choose missions are limited for XX time and when it expires, it will regenerate new missions.

The other stuffs maybe not so hard to implement though.


Eh.Its not like,20 players are finishing a mission in a minute.

What? How?

I said,“it’s not like”.

I’m not in agreement at all with the specifics of this, but as a general concept I actually quite like it. I’ve suggested something similar (though less detailed and significant than this) for key rushes, but it never crossed my mind to apply for all missions, and in general I’m fond of the idea.


  • Would completely break the favorites system however you cut it, so unless we get a mission editor (pretty please?) that would have to go. I’d actually be in support of that change, though.

  • If a system like this was implemented, I feel like the galactic total should remain static - in other words, the total number of missions would need to remain the same to prevent periods where the galaxy has too many or not enough missions for the players. The same would not be true for planets, stars, and possibly even constellations.

  • To extent this, it should remain static per mission type (boss rush, classic, key rush, etc.). Essentially, when a mission is cleared, another of the same type (not necessarily same difficulty/duration) spawns at the next most likely location.

  • Difficulty and duration should be 100% random.

  • New players would need to spawn in areas with plenty of missions to prevent them getting cut off too quickly.

  • I don’t think the number of players in a system should have an impact - they are already affecting mission generation by actually clearing the missions.

  • Probably need an insight as to where high concentrations of missions are.

My four favorite things about this change would be:

  1. Really genuine and obvious way to encourage galaxy exploration.
  2. Makes planet types feel much more distinct if they are actually generating missions based on type - makes sense that the chickens would be attacking populated areas most heavily.
  3. Makes the mission roster truly unlimited, and makes it actively procedural rather than just being a pre-generated galaxy with a set of missions to re-fly (that’s what the main titles are for!).
  4. Could allow for some really cool things in future, like events that happen in specific places that everyone has to fly to.

Honestly. I’m against this idea. I’m all for special events, but clearing a mission if ONE player completes is, is too much. Logically it makes perfect sense that after clearing the mission it should not be available because you already defeated chickens, but it would be really chaotic in real life.

Also take a look at missions progression DURING EARLY ACCESS:

December 2018
10,000 total missions flown
Milestone achieved: 10,000 missions

March 2019
100,000 missions flown
Early Access version 15

May 2019
over 200,000 missions total
Early Access version 18

March 2020
650,000 missions in total
Early Access version 35 - #7 by InterAction_studios

We’re still in early access. Imagine what it would be when the game will be released (and also if it will hit popularity)




That’s precisely why I proposed the static number of total missions in my post.

It doesn’t improve it too much.

Also what if one players is already playing a mission, the next one comes to play it and completes it sooner than the first player? Will it throw out the player from the mission?

The game would say that someone else doing the mission

Haha, I’ve just started reading and I know a lot of users here will dislike that post because of that. Certain people have trouble with opposing opinions.

True, but realism doesn’t have to be such a core part of the game. I like it that way, especially since missions have a rather high replayability. And wouldn’t we run out of, how should I say it, ‘natural’ missions if we explore every corner of the galaxy? I said “natural” because we have daily challenges, weekly challenges, space races… But the thing is, none of those are actually special missions, they’re classic invasions. So there’s problem number one.

:no_mouth: Well, all MMOs are like this - players do the same missions mostly for their own experience. In most MMO games you’re really redoing the exact same missions (or maybe different missions) than other people. It’s more about your own story than a shared story, because the bosses have been defeated before.

I like that idea quite a lot, actually. It would add some variety to exploration, making certain systems more dangerous to lurk in. And it makes sense because why have 5379579 missions on star system with literally one hot planet?

Wait, so are you implying that each planet will get new missions once these are cleared? Then forget what I said in my first few paragraphs about running out of missions.

Still, I think MMOs should keep the “This is my story” gimmick, but if people want this, I’m not against it. It would honestly make it feel even more like this is a collaborative effort. Coupled with multiplayer, I’d love missions like that. Then again, multiplayer is only a probable feature on paper for now. But I really want it in the game, you know.


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