Old but gold

hello every one I have idea of music
how about we return the old music of chicken invaders 2 to chicken invaders universe because it made memories with every one here all Musics
Main Theme (Pink - Just To Funk)
Space Burgers Theme (Accord - Lilly Chip 8)
Victory Theme (Vim! - The Shortage)
who supports me with this idea please give like or comment

I have idea.
Using the search forum button:


We actually had three releases where it had the music you’re wishing for near the end of 2022. While it’s unlikely that they’ll come back in a future version anytime soon, you can still download and mod them into your copy of the game by clicking the link at the top of the blockquote below:

If you have any questions or issues with modding the game, please feel free to let me know. Have fun!

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