Classic Mode?

No, not the retro 80’s Space Invaders-like stage in Chicken Invaders 4. Hear me out.

This idea of mine all started from an issue I had when I realized InterAction Studios had replaced the old Chicken Invaders 2 soundtrack for the new one. For those of you that aren’t aware, the old version Chicken invaders 2 had a SPECTACULAR soundtrack called “Just to Funk” by an artist named “Pink”. Search it up on Youtube and you’ll find it. Needless to say, it is beyond iconic and nostalgic.

Firstly, my idea was to get the Devs to include this soundtrack in the CIU shop so we can get it to play in-game, plus the other soundtracks like the one that plays during the short little funny cutscenes when you finish a planet and enter another one. But that’d be too simple.

We all know that the Chicken Invaders franchise has maintained its graphical look since Chicken Invaders 3. However the first and especially the second game are ones I wholeheartedly grew up with, so their graphical features, being the simple pre-rendered 3d sprites, like in the very first game just seemed phenomenal to me as a kid, and probably to many of you here. Not to mention the texture of the asteroids, the feature of stopping by space burgers, the old engine boost sound effect and that old font saying “Stage Clear! preparing for next warp” just brings me back.

So yeah, you can probably guess where I’m going with this. A skin or feature to be unlocked which turned every in-game character, texture and item into a CI2 styled pre-rendered skin of it. Classic Mode.

Would it be too much for the devs to deal with? Yes, probably.

They could grab the sprites already existent from CI2 and just change their textures, colors and clothing a bit here and there to adapt to the newer kind of chickens introduced in 3, 4 and 5 like the military, pilot and toxic ones. That would make their job easier, re-use old assets for it.

Although they would have to design from scratch a retro styled version of the newer bosses, collectables like the sandwiches, keys, newer power ups, satellites and so forth (since they weren’t in the first, nor the second game to begin with). That would be a difficult task.

If it can’t be done for money or time reasons, you could at least release the game the way it’s currently intended to be released, wait and think through including this feature as a DLC of some sort, depending on how well the final release does. I’d pay good money to play this amazing new game with textures and sound effects as if they’re from CI2, I know other people who would as well.

Well, regardless. If there is no hope for this kind of feature, then please, at least include the good old “Just to Funk” by Pink and the other soundtracks (chiptune music, as you guys refer to it? lol) from the old Chicken Invaders 2.

Thanks in advance! :stuck_out_tongue:

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the older sprites wont be aded, bc ciu is being ported to mobile, a too many sprites makes the game unplayable.

maybe the music idk

Adding just to funk back in was suggested many times. But the answer is likely no. Other soundtracks are orchestral, while this one is chiptune, which is why IA believes it wouldn’t fit in.

is thundercluck orchestral music?

Yet it’s not chiptune as it uses real instruments, making it sound fitting.

It’s from Chicken Invaders 4. CI3 is just similar.

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