New ship idea

ok so i was thinking about a ship i named it bx+ so i thought it can be a fixed version of bx ships this ship have a mixture of bx and vf something like this

(sorry of bad drawing)
so vf curve has been added to bx
this ship is heavy but its not as heavy as bx
the weight is something like you using it in hot and massive missions it will be more hevier in hot and massive missions
the exhausts are same only the fuslage of bx is removed and its replaced with a vf fuslage
so now ill tell more
bx7+:10 firepower (max++)(double + means when you reach to 10+10 firepower your wepon will be upgraded and 10+20firepower even makes it upgrade weopen),3 satelites,3 hardpoints,not protected in cold , hot , electric,massive,darkness missions
bx8+:11firepower(max++)4satelites,4 hardpoints,protected in hot and frozen,electric massive missions
bx9+:12 firepower(max++)5 satelites,5 hardpoints,protected in every diffrent missions
this ship is a technologic ship so i thought after this ship overheats will shot lazer from pylons until your ship cool down for using it its manual and its already mounted but you can t see it in your mission config
you avable to use it for 10 times
if you liked it like this post or if you want me to make any changes suggest
but i tried my best hope you enjoy


ever thought of balancing this thing for competitive missions and stuff


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well i wanna see what others think

  • great idea
  • poor idea
  • idk/idc/neutral
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well im not to sure its too good but lets see

i choose poor idea coudn’t he a bad drawing.

drawing ? you hate me and you give its poor idea it doesnt matter to my draw you want draw you ll recive

now ill try to draw it in reality

it will be bx9+

just a redesign?
nothing new and also reuse from other

this is level one ill draw better with pencil next picture

i tried my best it seems its not too good well any suggestions idk lol

hmm its just like bx well so ill try to find another thing for a new ship

Bro for saying that but
You just remodel BX-9 to the worst🙃

yeah xd
ill think for another thing

maybe we can make a spaceship idea togheter

Read this and you well understand everything
Also we get 2 features from this poll and still 1 left and i need it

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My problem is the design idk how can i make a good design

Don’t try to draw but believe me
Everytime we suggest idea for IA he make it butter than you think just leave this topic for IA