New place and feature: Luck and Space Shrines

Got too many ideas to dump lol and this is the most Asian idea I’ve ever made

Luck: A new bonus that might come in handy

Luck will give some buff such as yielding more keys during boss rushes, have a chance for 500% base multiplier, critical damage, etc.

Everyone start with 0.01% luck

Too activate your luck, you need to find a space shrine that scatters around the galaxy (doesn’t belong in any star systems) (you may find the authentic hero shrine because CIU timeline is 22nd century so he probably passed away by that time)

Once you found a shrine, you need to pray. Once you pray, your luck will be actived for 30 minutes (it won’t going down when you’re in a mission) and the cool down for praying is 1h. If you want to upgrade your luck, well you need to donate of course and this is where coins may come in handy. Each 200 coins you donated, your luck will raise by 0.01% and the maximum you can upgrade is 1% (donating more will also increase your luck but they’ll all decay when your luck effect stops)

Image for example:

let’s hope my shrine name is original


Yeah well no. I don’t accept that praying is involved with luck and I don’t want something like that in CI.

But this already exists in CI in the form of RNG.

I kinda like this idea. I would definitely like to hear more feedback.

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But you don’t have prayers. Keep religions out of entertainment.


Changing the base multiplier shouldn’t apply to challenge missions


Forgot to mention that oof

But who mentioned prayers and religion other than you?

Edit: Are you an atheist or something?

Even if he is, thats not a bad thing(actually good imo).

Who mentioned prayers other than me? I know that I stated many times that people on this forum can’t read, but please read the topic one more time.

Or something. Very close to atheist, but I won’t say more.

Wow, so you like to pick on people with forgetfulness and inattention disorders for missing 2 lines of text?
You know, for crying out loud, you can literally just quote OP without starting a petty argument. Sometimes- no, you must always keep in mind that people with dyslexia, ADHD, and many other mental health disorders exist and keep your attacks to yourself.

Not really, but I’m not religious, so that’s not why I raised that question. I’m agnostic.


I hate when random drama happens out of nowhere

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Well that’s escalated quickly

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Well, this is not a drama, people seem to really love to use that word to describe even the smallest conflicts.
But no one has to put up with someone’s smug attitude on forums. “i knoW I SAID PEoPLE ON thIS fORum cAN’T Read” - this was completely uncalled for, and the quote in qbus’ reply alone would have sufficed just fine. We’re not here to insult each other over how many lines of text we missed and what we misunderstood. This happens all the time, and not just on this forum.


Yeah, but it so happens that it happens all the time with my posts. Also you can read the topic one more time before posting something. You know, to check if what you’re saying is true.

That’s simply a coincidence.

In this particular case, I thought that you thought that religion was implied in the idea, and that’s why I didn’t read it one more time at first.

Anyway, if we put the idea about luck and praying aside, why doesn’t religion have any place in entertainment? Perhaps you’re talking about fanaticism, and it exists everywhere, not just religion. Sure, I don’t want fanaticism in entertainment, but why reject religious beliefs?

Pretty much no one’s gonna judge you if that’s your main concern. People with common sense get upset over things like what happened earlier - unasked for confrontation; not individual beliefs.

Okay, so back on track - I do agree that praying shouldn’t be added in Chicken Invaders. Maybe you should remove that part @ScarletCuboids.


ah, hmm… No religions means no praying. Then the luck will always be activated BUT to upgrade your luck, instead of donating 200 coins, you donate 2000 coins to raise your luck by 0.01% and blah blah blah

Problems solved :ok_hand:


There’s so many games that have censorship because of religious content. Also, why in space? This shrine can fit other game, but game from shmup genre? I dont think so.

Maybe a shrine design that has a spacey look?

cough fortune teller cough


The line “May the forks be with you” does imply a prayer the least.

Also, were is that name “Hijangu” derived from? :thinking:

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