New place and feature: Luck and Space Shrines

Idk, I just randomly named it


Tell me, how can you have prayers without religion?

Because religion isn’t entertaining, it’s a personal thing different for every person. There are some games where religion is acceptable to use, but they mostly are story oriented and it’s used to make the characters more unique and real. But CIU is not story oriented and you definitely can’t tell me that everyone in the UHF believes in some kind of religion.

No. It’s a phrase which is used to wish someone good luck. Not a prayer.


I agree on the point not everyone should be forced to a religious shrine or something in a game like Chicken Invaders. It just kinda doesn’t make sense. However, I don’t think anything religious should be thrown out. Religion is part of our world afterall. It can be both a storytelling device and a gameplay device. Things like evil cults that want to destroy the world, religion spreading mechanics in the Civilization games, or having fanatic religious extremists wanting to cleanse your galactic empire for colonizing some planet. It all has a purpose, and it’s hard to interchange the religion in those situation into something else. So yes, it’s probably better to not use religion just because you can, but it’s a good thing to add as any other. However I don’t mean existing religions to be put in games, unless the game world is the real world.



And we have fortune tellers in the game, so…I don’t think this would be a big deal, lol.

Gameplay? More like game mechanic if we’re speaking about praying to some statues/idols. Still I think there’s no place in CIU for something like that.

But can they really be described as religious thing? It can be explained that they are just studying the environment and based on that they can give predictions where something happens. Like for example weather forecast.

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Are you trying to turn the game into touhou now


…except a lot more accurate, fortunately for the player.


I shouldn’t suggest this idea didn’t I?

Also I’ll better get some original idea later

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So? Both are a matter of belief. You could also say that some people don’t exactly believe in whatever the fortune teller will say. Just like some people don’t believe in god and don’t want to pray.
Unless that is not what the problem is for you, but then I’m not sure what it is.
And it doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.


Yeah. One is believing that there is a literal god and the other one that there is something like fate. For me 2 different things. Also you’re not forced to use fortune teller in CIU. If this shrine is added then it is better to use it as often as possible because it can give you a small advantage.

Also, I basically said the same thing as Davoid, yet you three don’t agree with me.

Maybe I misread something.

So can the fortune teller…

Yes, the point was that it’s still a matter of belief.


Out of the religion discussion, I don’t think this would be any use. Additional keys could be acquired by just playing a little more, it’s not really worth the amount of coins donated which is 200*100. Critical hit mechanic (commonly double damage) could affect challenges, cause RNG.

Wait, coins? The current in-game currency are keys unless you’d suggest another variant.


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