New news button in the game ciu

I think it will be easier when you add a button within the game itself that knows about new news and what’s in the new update
Yes, I know that these things are mentioned here, but I hope to add a button to be at least a simple definition of the update, and it may be written to learn more, click here and then take you to this site because not everyone knows this site


whats is your opinion about this topic?

Forum option (located in main screen) already exists for people to discover this forum. Most people don’t even care what happened in the new version and never joined here.

yes but now whats news in this update no thing wrote from interaction

You can visit forum from the game and the forum contains the most information, isn’t that enough? Whenever there’s an update, the game asks you to update (Steam is an exception, but it has its own news), so you’ll visit the forum any way. If you want to, you can easily check what’s new. If you don’t, you won’t.

yes you can but now its 95 and no any news of the new update


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