New mission: Retro


Retro mission is a very classic invader game. and we’re know Retro is now on CI4. but what about CIU???

I wonder how’s Retro mission supposed to be:

the background color (space): Green
Retro color: Green, Blue (NEW), RED (NEW) & White (NEW)

Retro mission from CI4:

This is for @InterAction_studios and I hope can play this mission


THis is already planned, but what if the color style isnt green, but a random color?

Green is symbolizing retro. I dont want to play retro with pink or white colors

Like, I want to see different color like: Red, Blue & White

I assume they would look like this…

…unless iA is going to reuse the retro background (please do, it’s great).


Yeah, well. Maybe.
Though from the images I’ve seen the invaders in the original weren’t actually green.
Also, not everything “retro” has to be green.

If it looks good, then why not. If it doesn’t, then green it is.

The best background IA ever made!

This was probably the best moment in the saga
So… unexpected

Not to mention that it matches your ſpaceſhip!

the retro invaders can be in different colors, as seen in one of their original games here

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It’s more of reference to how old screens were monochromatic green.
Which speaking of I got an idea.

Retro missions should change every element on screen to green - UI, spaceship, menu, power-ups, weapons, satellites. Everything.
EDIT: and sound to 8-bit


mind if the font for the retro missions was this one?

what about if this was used for everything letter-type in retro missions? (plus also make the icons be pixelated or draw new ones which are in pixels(

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Cool feature but I think Will be hard to implement

As IA want to save on space, I dont see it happening. Would also make reading the very close numbers like the score hard to read. And normal pixels would probably not fit with the green stylized ones on the enemies.

Why not using normal waves templates (chicken invasion) on retro missions? Just for fell better “lost in the past”, to give more variety to end game and incentive a bigger hunt to wormholes

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I like more the background of Piggly in autumn.

Some pixelated sprites and a font asset wont take up lots of space. The real problem comes with audio files and large sprites/spritesheets.

But they are stylized pixels, they aren’t 1pixel by 1 pixel! And if they were, they wouldn’t fit the style and would look out of place. And I don’t know how accurate sprite is, since again, they aren’t that pixely.
You can see it is 13x13, so yeah. Their sprites will have the size of any chicken if we want the same quality.

Make them smaller?

They will look ugly but ok