New medal idea

A medal awarded if someone killed every single enemy in an entire star system.

stop spamming your topic
plz visit
from Early Access Version 67


But i didn’t even say that there

Waves where enemies can disappear are rare though

for first time i agree with you
just post it in early access V67 for this little things

do that for next time

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Oh i thought you meant i spammed that in a topic and early access.

Wait so i should post my idea in early access? what about #ideas?

If its a small idea (like a medal or somthing) post it in early access topic

Eh If You Are Making A Long Post
Then Make A Topic
If Short
Then Go Here

Thank you!

and remember if the topic closed, go and post it in the next version’s topic

Ok, but wouldn’t that be a spam?

It would.

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