New Items Idea: Custom Music Player & Custom Background

Hello again!

Today I’m bringing for you (especially for @InterAction_studios) the concept of 2 new items available in the shop:

  • Custom Music Player: The inspiration for this suggestion came from an amount of (buyable) music in this game. I am very aware that IA gave us some memorable orchestral masterpieces, but sooner or later it will be tiring for player to just hear it. So then I had an idea for ultimate mountable music tool which can start your very wanted jams into space!

How will it work?

Simple! Once you mounted it, the selection window will open titled ‘Select the music’, where you can select your music (if you uploaded any). Someone could ask “But Taxter, how can I be able to do that? Is there somekind of button or something?” Well, it will be an button specially purposed to do the uploading stuff (It’s called ‘Upload your music’). Once you clicked it, you must find custom music track in supported format, click on it and… Voila! The custom music track is ready to choose! If you don’t like to have music, that doesn’t suit you, there will be a button called ‘Remove custom music’. Once you clicked on it, you must choose any music tracks and it will be gone from the selection window. (Combo Ctrl+Mouse click will be appliable for multiple music tracks). Remember, one click on a removal button means one music track to go away (in case of combo, if you release the Ctrl key, multiple music tracks will be gone)

UPDATE #1: Custom Music Player’s rarity in Aftermarkets can apply for further music customization! What do I mean by saying that? If you had (for example) an Uncommon Custom Music Player, you could put not only music for normal waves but even for boss waves. Rare CMP could also customize game over (only music files lasting at max. 15 seconds) and stage clear/ mission success music (only music files lasting at max.8 seconds)

I hope it’ll get to the shop for very huge amount of keys (you will suggest the price, 'cause I’m not good in price balance)

-Custom Background: Similar thing to the previous one! The inspiration for that is almost identical to the first one: small amount of backgrounds that will be frustrating for someone who’s playing the game for the long time, yadda yadda yadda…

How will it work?

This mountable space wallpaper will be differ from the concept #1 in terms of functionality. Of course there will be ‘Upload your background’ button in a window, then its whole upload process will be familiar (boom! you have an custom background…), yadda yadda yadda


In the selection window the other button will appear at the bottom. It will be called ‘Create your own background’. Once you clicked on it, the background maker will be opened (as a new window) which is NOT the Microsoft Paint ripoff. Well, some of its functions will be available in the background maker, but NOT ALL of them.

Once you’ve done with creating your own ‘masterpiece’ you can save it by clicking save button, unless you want all your effort banished into black hole. The next window will pop up asking ‘Do you really want to save this background?’ and giving us 2 options: ‘Save the background’ and 'Use that background only in this mission once '. If you will choose the first one, your creation will be enabled for mission and embedded into ‘Select your background’ window to choose it later (don’t worry, it’s still removable as uploaded background). By choosing the second one, you’ll have it enable only for one mission and once you complete it or fail, it will be automatically removed from the game data.

EDIT: Traveller suggested the ‘Import the background image from outside source’ function, which I find it a little more complex, because
you need to connect to the internet to search the image from online picture gallery (take Google Images for example). This will be considerated as either third function or remade first function.

I hope this one will also get to the shop for the very huge amount of keys (again the price for it will be suggested, 'cause, as I said before, I’m not good with price balance)

Please @InterAction_studios, take my latest craziest ideas into consideration. I will be very appreciated if these ‘nearly-impossible-to-implement’ items will actually appear in the game :smiley:


The muſic player is fine, but I think the backgrounds ſhould be an image imported from an outſide ſource, with the option to have it scroll or not.