The new idea : Build the desired stage

Also, could you please STOP asking people back to back if they like your idea? as that just makes you look desperate.

Please spare us and don’t


ok But if you like it, like it.

It would be like in the 1992 InterAction Software game Tom Risk where you could save your created levels to files and load them? (That game wasn’t released).


YES! is bad ?! .It is very interesting to make your favorite stage.

you can share your desired stag in Facebook and Twitter and in the “User-Made Stages Center” or “UMSC” section of the game!

i suggest rename it to “Training Courses” because why not

Okay, but explain to me why?

because we learn in a heroes academy so the “USMC” would be the training section

OK . So the umsc section changes to the training section.

What is the sign now?

This is a mission editor, if I understand you correctly.

It’s been on my list for a year. It will eventually get done.


Does that mean it is acceptable ?!

Yep, but someone else suggested before you and it takes time.



Of course, I was not aware of this.

I really want to add one more thing: the miscellaneous music section (a song that does not belong to the game)

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I did not know this anymore! swear to God !

Okay, so the result was this: a place to create a custom stage + play your favorite music and miscellaneous + miscellaneous background (miscellaneous means arbitrary (something out of the game))

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