Bringing back these two waves

Hi! Recently, I’ve been thinking, why aren’t these waves in CIU already?

Which waves? The “Entering Egg Drone Minefield” and “Inbound Missile Attack” waves.

Why? These waves used to be really fun, and if they were brought back in CIU, they would be quite a good challenge, especially the “Entering Egg Drone Minefield”.

I would most certainly love to see this in CIU. I hope you do as well!

  • Yeah, I’d love to see these back!
  • It would be nice to see them again.
  • I don’t really care.
  • No, I wouldn’t like to see these in CIU.
  • Don’t bring them back!

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Chicken invaders 3 content is not added fully now. Later these waves will be in game.

Alſo, the other chicken geometry-type wave. I think it was called ſquare dancing.


yeah, it was chicken square dancing, and to the topic, don’t forget the eggships and ballon chickens too


I don’t really see how that is related to “bringing back 2 waves”. It seems more like an advertisement to me.


I suggested this

these 2 difficult waves will surely make the game more fun

But why

Which is exactly why I’ve flagged it as ſuch:

It’s Spam
This post is an advertisement, or vandalism. It is not useful or relevant to the current topic.”

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