New Boss: Hazmat Chicken

It would be nice if toxic clouds are akso prodiced by a boss, so I made this suggestion. Low-effortfully took existing sprites to make a concept.


  • This chicken has two attacks. On default, it chases the player while having a toxic trail. The higher the difficulty % the faster it moves, but not faster than Bombers. It has the same chasing mechanic as the the slither wave.
  • Periodically, it will stop to release its drums aiming below it. These drums also leave a toxic trail.
  • If the ship happened to be above the target direction, the drums will curve upwards.
  • If the ship happened to be below the target direction, the drums will curve downwards.
  • The drums can be destroyed but leaves a toxic cloud area and gives no points.
  • When the boss itself is killed, it will also leave a toxic cloud area the same as the Toxic chicken does.

Love it!

Also thx for reminding me of Breaking Bad


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