New Wave: Slither

Similar to Terminator Chickens but they form a line to chase you like a snake chasing a pellet.

  • Their movement is continuous unlike Terminator Chickens in which they stop at the player’s previous position.
  • Their movement is also moderately slow, considering the slowest Bomber ship.
  • Only 2 lines can be seen on screen at a time in which a line compose of three to seven chickens. If a line is cleared by the player, another one will appear…

Only one line of chickens will appear on difficulties below 30% if this is found to be too difficult by newbies.


So basically a chicken wave? What if two lines collide with each other, do you get food?

(obligatory /s)

EDIT: I didn’t mean to create a link, sorry. Don’t press it I guess.


Yes, it was inspired on that game (good times). I prefer if they split in half instead though (edit: not meant to apply on OP).


Considering the coding challenge that would probably come from making the game capable of detecting chickens colliding with other chickens, it’s very likely that if it was implemented into the game, the lines would just simply pass through each other.

And yes, I used to play slither io a few years back.


Yeah… that’s why I put it there tbh.


For some reason makes me remind Deluxe Snake

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