⚠ UHF announcement: unidentified chicken breed

yes, it is a klaus breed chicken


sadly, you can’t hear anything other than specific explosions in space


this is “:warning: UHF announcement: unidentified chicken breed” not “Post your ideas!”


I posted my idea here because recruit_75 posted his idea here .

then you’re both fired


you’ve already received your answer


This one tho


New Boss: Hazmat Chicken

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Out of sincere curiosity, how much is the average cost of getting new music done?


About 600 - 700 euros per minute (I think)
(so basically a normal wave track will cost 3x that)


I’m so confused about what is life after seeing this bruhhhhhhh

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Why is the topic not closed?

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The price will vary a lot. It depends on the musician and their musical value. Using a popular song by a popular artist may be licenced by the copywrite owner. This may or may not be the creator of the music in question. Under an approved license there will be a contract for it’s use. A lawyer is necessary to put all of this agreement to be used, legally, by the future user. The value of the music is assessed then a price is agreed upon. A very popular piece of music by a popular artist has a greater value than music created by lesser musicians. And the price rises with so many other factors involved in the contract that is necessary. Even if the music is free the contract is always necessary. If iA wrote the music it would still need a lawyer to make it legal to publish, so I would rather see the money spent on making this a better game than a lawyer. Be well all…


I was refering to composing OST like every other CI piece made by 2db, not about licensing general music.

It’s like 600 to 700 euros per minute.

thats kinda insane cost? pretty sure thats the price for the whole song

I was only hoping to pass on things I know from experience to those who can benefit from the info. If this was not helpful to you @rata536 I hope other creative pilots may benefit from this post. Too many creative artists have been taken advantage of because they didn’t understand their legal rites. Business thrives because intellectual property laws are not understood by the creator. The money is often not fairly given. Many artists starve because they have been taken advantage of. Anyway fly safe. Be well all…

Don’t care about topic.

Also don’t ask never just read it

that’s too danger
i have a BX-7, it’s too slow to advoid the attack

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