New Booster - Electro Charger

So here’s the basic idea:

In any given wave (not counting stage transitions), every 10 seconds, 3 new Electrozones spawns across the screen. Going to these new Electrozones charges your Electric Power almost instantly, which can be used similar to how Accumulator gets used.

You can store a lot of Electric Power, twice as much than Accumulator’s charge.
Use it wisely, however, as Electric Power cannot increase itself over time,
and some levels may limit your ability to get more of it, to name a few: Shooting Range, Corridor Shooter, Grand Prix, …

Electro Charger is all about proper resource management - you get more power by moving to charging locations, some might be risky, and it must be used wisely so as not to put you in a situation where you needed the extra firepower but you can’t use nor get it. The 3 zones act as “choices”, as some levels may limit your ability to get to 1 zone due to how randomizations work.

Some experienced Electro Charger users can even get a lot more charge every 10 seconds,
so there’s also some more skill in using this Booster.

I know I had no graphics of the idea, I’m just bad at drawing, hope some of you can help me out with visualizations by replying to this.

Some more details to this idea:

  • Electrozones despawn every 10.5 seconds, so you need to find new ones.
  • Charge rates is near-instant, you only need to be there for 0.5 second for it to give you all its charges, then despawn. Charge time is 1 second if you have a lot of speed.
  • One full Electrozone charge = 1/12 of the Electric Power max storage.
  • Multiple players using this booster get their own zones at different locations. Ones that are not yours will be near-transparent similar to how charity atoms work for other players.
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I call it “The hotspot”

So it charges as you stand in the zone, yes?

Good but not really nice though, it feels like accumulator but worse :confused:

But I like doing resource management.

I give you a 3 :+1:

It sounds like it will be confusing in MP, not funny. I also give it a 3 as such, unless you add that the spots are visible to everyone.

It’s unnecessary for those not using the booster though, so the zones may appear but are near-transparent, kinda like the atom charity buff.

Kinda. The charge rate is pretty fast though (near instant), and when you’ve gotten a certain amount of charge the zone depletes itself so you can’t just camp there and get infinite charges. It’s also why there’s 3 zones actually. Gives you more choice, and lots more charge if you got the speed.

PS: I edited the posts, can i reping if I do this: @sympatheticdeer @ScarletCuboids

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It would be more confusing if they couldn’t see it. At least at the start, or by hovering near a player, you should see the spots.

I’d find it funny, but you do make a point. Edited.

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No, not really. Added more details on the charge rates.

I’m surprised there isn’t more feedback to this idea.
Anyways, I’ve reworked some details for this post.
Still haven’t gotten a visualization up yet, might spend some time on it later.

Quick TLDR for this idea:
It’s essentially a booster that requires some extra action from the player - in this case, move to random locations on the map to charge and stockpile large amounts of extra firepower for later use.

This promotes a way to play where mobility is key - as spending too much time in the same spot won’t give you anything special, and sometimes risk going out of your comfort zone could pay off big time, as you’d have more firepower stocked up for important occasions.

It also promotes the idea of proper resource management, which is something that isn’t really seen in any other booster that well. Sure there’s some “accumulator charge” management, but since it recharges overtime, knowing where and when to spend charge isn’t as impactful as it is here.

With that out of the way, what do you think of this booster?
It’s unique enough in its playstyle and design, adds a new way to experience all the levels, and is overall a pretty fun booster to play around with if you ever got bored of the only 2 options avaliable so far.

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I approve of it. It’s kind of like how you have to go out of your way to grab satellites before they fizzle, but all the time.

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