Mod installer and public mods

I have another question again

There will be possibilities

I’ve uploaded a small but very very very important fix for iami. If you haven’t downloaded it yet — please do. The complete announcement is in Discord.

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the first time i start modding ciu i failed until months later i did it again (WITH NO TUTORIAL) i did it!

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let’s go 222x on android

now i can finally do things like

install genshin invaders


The “Super Bejeweled Impact” mod is now available! Try it out!

1st Update: Remove delay of the file “burgermeister_bunsmash.ogg”
2nd Update: “Darkness Theme” now use original “Time Bomb” track instead of my self-made one
3rd Update: Super Bejeweled Impact + Seasonal Sound Pack is released!
4th Update: Some adjustments for Seasonal Sound Pack.
5th Update: Super Bejeweled Impact + CI5 DLC Sound Pack is released!

6th Update: Seasonal & DLC Sound Packs are no longer bundled with “Super Bejeweled Impact”
7th Update: Amplified all turkey’s SFXs in Thanksgiving Theme. Also released CI3 DLC Sound Pack!
8th Update: Some adjustments for Super Bejeweled Impact & Christmas Sound Pack. Also released CI2 DLC Sound Pack!
9th Update: Minor SFX replacements + Replaced Anniversary Theme with Chiptune Autonomous!
10th Update: Some changes to all mod files + Released Summer Sound Pack!

IMPORTANT: Starting at version 137, the game file will be in “CIU.dat.222x.standard”, so you know where to install the mod into.
For seasonal mods, these are the files to install into:
For DLC mods:

Off-topic: I also translated subtitles of “The Henry Stickmin Collection” in Vietnamese!
Check in the folder named “Henry Stickmin Vietsub”


That apart is not necessary at all, by the way. I know who has the full one, even those who could not have it but still has.

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how can i uninstall mods

The are 3 methods:
1: Make a copy of your original 222x file
2: Use the very first .222x.backup file created when installing mod using IAMI
3: Reinstall game.

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can i make a shortcut?

what dio you mean?

easiest one

No. A shortcut basically leaded to your only one 222x file, and when you install the mod on it, the shortcut just lead you to your modded file.
If you want to make a shortcut of a copied original 222x file, then it’s fine to do it

(What do you mean?)
At the first time when you trying to install the mod, the tool will say: Create a backup (will be saved near hq2x/222x/dat.hq2x file). That’s the 222x.backup I’m talking about. You can find it on your game file depending on how you installed the game (standalone, or through Steam).

IAMI Update
• Administrator privileges are no longer forced (were for v1.3.6.2).
• Fixed “Open with…” action (bug introduced in 1.3.6). Now you can assign IAMI for .ciumod files and the like to make installation easier.
• Fixed completion percentage output.


Public mods, page 2

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Use this when the 1st page runs out of character limit

For anyone has Public IAMT but do not know how to do modifying work. Here’s my tutorial (all written by myself) for new Public IAMT users. Please open it in Read Mode with 100% zoom.
Click here to download.
I’ll update this tutorial as soon as I found something confused or missed.

  1. Public IAMT is sound only.
  2. This tutorial is heavy with images, mostly for helping them what to do.
  3. Expect broken grammars as I’m not English expert.
  4. Read those 3 above this again.

My first ever mod is here!

This mod modifies your lightning and thunder sound into a more realistic one


How come nobody had mod lightning sound yet

Sorry guys but can somebody make me a ci5 halloween music mod cause i installed iamt and watched the tutorial and i still cant do it

Mods like this one fall under this rule.

You can only make it yourself and you won’t be able to share it.

Oh ok thanks

hope no one will brag about links or tutorial lol

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to mention that the mods have more graphics like the previous ones.