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hope no one will brag about links or tutorial lol

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to mention that the mods have more graphics like the previous ones.

Though I am no longer in this community, I will still post mods and stuff whenever I like.

It seems that The Burgermeister 3000 has found him a pair of Galactic Contact Lens that makes his eyes radiate celestial energy (or just reflect what’s in space). If I can recall, my grandparents said that they saw someone on earth with that same pair of flashy eyes, though unfortunately they were killed by a maniac or some sorts. That incident happened approximately 99 years ago. Seeing this burger robot has those identical eyes in person do make me “wow”.

This mod is a teaser mod. Full mod will come in the future… well, hope so.


  • Taken Down for an Indev release of the mod



The Japanese Idol culture is sure something came out of a nightmare behind the scenes. The way of selling your rights under a form of contract to please your fans while cannot getting into relationship is something I cannot take. Glad it got crumbled hundred years later.

[Oshi No Tori] /// [MY ROAST]

“What’s this?! The Galactic Entertainment Industry is being threatened by legal troubles and Space Chickens? Let’s go boys (and a bunch of idols), we’ve got to save this crumbling century old worth-for-nothing mental-breaking business style!”

Hi, I guess only anime/manga fans know what is this but whatever. This mod will change the game’s theme to concert-styled and not directly referencing the source material of this mod based on, Oshi No Ko. Despite this however, THERE WILL BE MAJOR SPOILERS IN THIS MOD (or at least… a reference to it).

This mod is now in Beta, updates become less often but always be major updates.

Latest Update (August 26 2023):
[+] Reworked Title Screen
[+] Added extra Details for Burgermeister 3000
[+] Reworked CIU backgrounds (Added "Aquamarine Storm, Field of Rubies, B-Reborn, Kurokawa Imitation and Aglow with Death (Major antagonist spoiler)
[+] Renamed mod “Uchu No Niwatori” to “Oshi No Tori”
[+] Added more artworks, renamed some of them
[+] Tweaked a part of the lyrics
[+] Slightly tweaked the credits

Download: [Oshi No]
*Read the READ ME file before you install the mod

:information_source: Version 137 introduces new files into the mix, which changes the original dat file once again. To mod, select “All files” and choose “CIU.dat.222x.standard” until an update for IAMI/IAMT comes out.

:information_source: For pure Idol experience, turn off seasonal contents.

btw, I don’t know Japanese, The title is google translated with little knowledge of Japanese so don’t judge me too harshly.


Chicken Invaders Universe: Wibu Edition.

Wibu, Weebu or weeboo, wtf I don’t know how to write it correctly aaaaa


Its weeboo

Isn’t it “Weaboo”? (i may be dumb)

isn’t it “Weeb”?

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Hey bro when genshin invasion update bro

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I have a doubt (probably) they will ignore it.

It is worth mentioning that tga files require a decoder/encoder.

Sfx (part 1) and werid mod part have been added

New update for the “Super Bejeweled Impact” is available!
Click here!


Updated Kurinzap mod:
Now all zap sounds will change to Kurin sound
Better watch out your ears btw

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I meant that when I said “special .TGA files that you had to convert”.


but it is important to know how it works

Can you help how can I download and ran the mod for Android