Mod installer and public mods

Sounds can be replaced with vorbis ogg, mp3, aiff and wav formats as long as they have the correct name (e.g. if you want to replace sfx/sword.ogg with “NewSound.wav”, you have to replace “sword.ogg”, not “sword.wav”).

I can replace the “music/intense.ogg”

This is not the right topic to ask about Minecraft mods.


What does this has to do with CIU?


I have a question that everyone will ignore.

Ask it, we won’t ignore it.

I am afraid to say it

If you don’t ask, you will not receive any answer.

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I ask if you know the TGA format

A TGA file is a file saved in the raster graphic format designed by Truevision. It supports 8, 16, 24, or 32 bits per pixel at a maximum of 24 bits for RGB colors and 8-bit alpha channel. TGA files are used for various types of images, such as digital photos and textures referenced by 3D video games.

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ah for that I have permission to pass them

Well, supposedly they are going to tell me the same thing

Wanna get a true Universe Experience? Here’s what I delivered to you. But wait? Is this a dream? or it’s true? No one knows

Aand yes it’s true

About Aurora Theory Mod.

Brought to you true experience of Universe, this one replace all music theme that carefully chosen by me, just need to fit with the mod content.

70% Music files inside this mod was provided and supported with Dream of Distant Star(brockle, why not?) album, and of course it’s free to use.

Still no graphical texture replacements, or maybe yes, but failed due to strip lines and unresized image caused the background splitted to 4 corners. So yes, again

Download the mod here: Aurora Mod


I have another question again

There will be possibilities

I’ve uploaded a small but very very very important fix for iami. If you haven’t downloaded it yet — please do. The complete announcement is in Discord.

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the first time i start modding ciu i failed until months later i did it again (WITH NO TUTORIAL) i did it!

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let’s go 222x on android

now i can finally do things like

install genshin invaders

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