Mission Performance

"Attention Recruit!

We have installed a layer of program that judges how you performed the mission. You will be graded at the end of the mission if the outcome is a sweet victory. This way, once you mastered your skills, you can come back later to master it!

Of course this will determine on how you perform in one-time missions and make you regret until the next day."

Mission Performance is the screen appear before you go into the “Mission Debriefing” screen. This screen here will show your accuracy, kill rate and other stuff to grade how you performed in this mission. Basically, an extension.


After you complete the mission, you will be transferred to the screen, the screen will display and then drum roll please! It will grade your performance.

The screen will display a bit of animation when grading. You can skip this animation. One it’s done, you can press anything to go to the briefing.

The grade will depends on your accuracy of the mission, the kill rate (not leave a single one Alive), bonus received, the items you used, etc

The “Victory” tick and the “best” will be replaced with the grade. Yoh can improve this grade by playing it again.



  1. This is already suggested…maybe, here are the versions I found:
  1. This was inspired by…no

  2. There’s another grade but it does not exist.

  3. The grades are based on level skills, this was suggested by @OneWingLunarian


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I have another idea: you gain a fixed number of keys on a mission depending on the difficulty and length, and with each grade you earn a percentage of that reward. For example, if a mission awards say, 105 keys on completion, completing it on grade TRS would give you 35 keys, RKE gives 75 (40 if TRS already obtained previously), and so on. idk but the system of picking up keys feels really random to me. This may give performing better on missions an actual incentive


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Ok, but seriously…

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I feel like the “Mission Performance” screen is kind of already made for this, and it would feel weird and arbitrary to create another for what is essentially the same core purpose.

On the other hand, we know that these stats can feasibly be tracked by the game (thanks to achievements) and they would all be both fun and useful to know. Accuracy and Bonuses Used would both be particularly informative. So even if I’m not sure about the whole “new screen” I agree that the information it’s actually displaying deserves to be shown somewhere after a mission - or at the very least in the global stats.

I don’t really have an opinion on the whole grading thing - feels unneeded, but also not detrimental in any way. While the example icons are nicely polished, I feel like something other than a triple-letter-triangle would feel more “Chicken Invaders-ish” (that’s a technical term).

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Just right at the time that I changed it (or upgrade it) into badges or shields


sorry if I triggered your OCD, It was not perfectly lined up


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