Star bar scoring (Grading)

  • So I was thinking, what if we add a star bar to judge how good did we do in the mission.

    • The margin between each star is equal
    • Score requirements for each star should be based on in SSH difficulty
    • Each star earned will rewards the player an amount of keys. Each star can be achieved once, like if the player replay the level and get the same amount of star, the game won’t reward the player any keys
    • Below the star bar chart will be the medal page
  • For fancy details, I think the star bar should rise after each bonus appeared, like this one below. (Blue square in the pics stand for transparent area)

The reason I think this is a good idea, because it will tell the player how good they are, and encouraging them to play at a higher difficulty to earn stars for more keys

Think again, it would have looked better if I put the star bar thing is in the middle


I like it. I think each star should award more keys than the previous.

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This would limit players to play on only SSH skill or above. This could be burdensome on some point, eg. mission completion.

I also think about that, it would be pretty much a trouble to newcomers

We could base the score requirement on tiers or hours played.

An incentive to raise your skill and get those stars.


You have a point, kinda of a mid-late game mechanic

There’s also factors outside the skill of the player that would make these mission easier/harder to earn 5 stars, like Squadron Loyalty and Location Fluctuation.

These could be ignored, if that’s your concern.

I think the location fluctation should be accounted into the requirement to get a star

About the squadron loyalty, I think it doesn’t need to be accounted, considering that it’s some sort of perk for joining a squadron

Why? that’s just luck based.

Wait, fluctuation is default in a planet or is it different after times?

It’s effort based, you need to go on the right constellation to get the highest boost.

Ok, but I still don’t think it should get accounted.

The fluctation bonus is very low right now, so I don’t think it would matter much. On the other hand it really should be increased so moving to a higher boost zone could actually be worth it.

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